Why Vydehi’s Middle School?
The School provides an environment conducive to the acquisition of both a foundation of knowledge as well as developing a platform for implementing innovative ideas and the personal values necessary for good citizenship in a global community.

Other programs followed that distinguish Vydehi are the following:

  • Encouraging Milieu – Vydehi School provides an apt environment for development of a student both socially as well as academically.
  • Out and out dedicated faculty – Through deep commitment, Vydehi faculty ensures every student gets care and attention according to their individual requirements.
  • Experiential learning – Through a teaching methodology that focuses on experiential learning, students develop the key abilities to decision making as well as problem solving.
  • Inimitable Educational Culture – In order to maintain standards of academic rigor, we emphasize time management and study skills developed in Elementary School and demands independent, self-motivated study since success in higher education and life requires ownership of actions, a sense of priorities, and critical decision-making.
  • Character Development – Vydehi aims at bringing to the forefront positive personal values which incorporate integrity, respect for others, appreciation of diversity, and understanding of group and individual rights and responsibilities.
  • Outdoor Education – We consider outdoor education as one of the most important aspects of experiential learning and it also forms a major part of our curriculum to ensure continued leadership skills and foster teamwork amongst the students.
  • Skill Enhancement – The school also focuses to enhance the skills of various students be it in sports or fine as well as performing arts by providing appropriate platform and guidance.

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  • Parent’s Teacher Meeting

    Parent’s Teacher meeting was held at Vydehi School of Excellence on 5th April 2014. The parents are hereby requested to attend the event and know about the performance of their wards on top priority.

  • Video:"Middle and High School Virtual Annual Day 2021"

  • Video:"Children’s Day Cultural event on 2014 – Part- 2"

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