Outdoor Education

Vydehi School focuses on experiential learning. In order to support this, variety of activities extending outside the school is conducted regularly. Learning through experience enables the students to grasp the concept faster.

All students, ranging from pre primary to middle school, can participate in trips that broaden their general knowledge and improve their understanding of the world. We, as a part of instilling the importance of keeping earth green also organized environment exploration trips for them.

Significance of teamwork, understanding the factors beyond the classroom, developing a lively and real world educational system which in turn focuses on building of self confidence and a community of mutual respect and dedication is the underlying idea to emphasis on an outdoor educational system.

Field Trip to MEG Centre at Ulsoor, Bangalore

VKIDS organized a visit to Army Cantonment recently, as a part of its co- curricular activities. This field trip gave children their share of amazing moments to cherish forever. They learned more about an Army cantonment and had a fun time visiting the relatively different aesthetics of the cantonment. They were taken to MEG museum where they witnessed many war equipments, clothing and medals etc. Teachers also took them to bomb/mine defusing training area. They even witnessed the Afghan soldiers who have come to India for taking the training from MEG centre. Teachers also explained them about the vital role, the MEG centre plays in the armed forces. It was a wonderful experience for learning and exploring new horizons of general knowledge for both children and teachers. The visit’s success could really be measured by the deep interest and enthusiasm shown by the students and it was refreshing and promising to see some of them even pledging to take up a career in the armed forces

VKIDS field trip to helipad

Field trips are always a fine way to broaden the minds of the students and it helps to provide them more knowledge in different fields .On 13th September our tiny little stars of nursery were taken to helipad as a part of field trip. Children got excited as they could see the helicopter from such a close distance. They were also shown the interior of a helicopter. It is everyone’s childhood wish to fly and helicopter and aero planes are the inventions that made that dream a possibility. To see a helicopter from such a tender age really inspires them to aspire for a career in it, in psychological sense. Children had great time watching the helicopters and the place and opined that it was great learning experience for them.

Pre Primary Field Trip to ECC Garden Whitefield

Vydehi School of Excellence, Bangalore planned a field trip for kindergarten, day care and Nursery students on 26th November. The prime objective of the field trip was to take the kids to a place where they can relax and also learn a few things about nature. As a CBSE school that is rich in school facilities, Vydehi School brought montessori and nursery kids to ECC Garden in Whitefield in its school van, safely.

It was a sunny day in ECC Garden and children were on cloud nine once they reached the garden because it was a very beautiful place where cute bunnies were playing. Teachers who accompanied the students supervised the whole program and took care of them. After playing for a while, kindergarten kids had some great time relaxing under the cool shadows of trees. In the garden, teachers made the kids observe various types of trees and flowers. Among all those good things out there in the garden, Rabbits were the biggest attraction for the kids.

A stellar trip to the planetarium by Vydehi School of Excellence

A trip to planetarium is always a fun ride for children, who generally are so keen to explore the world and it’s magic. Structured with great architectural brilliance and a giant screen, a planetarium always makes everyone feel like ‘soap opera stars’. Interestingly, “Vydehi School of Excellence” made their second field trip of the year to the famous Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium on 23rd August. Both the children and teachers were of the same opinion that the time spent in the planetarium was frolicking fun. “Vydehi School of Excellence” has always tried to unleash the true potential of every student by guiding them through creative, non-conventional yet disciplined path and this field trip was just one of those ideas that nourish their world of imagination. The students were on a thrill ride when they saw the planets and the stars popping up on the giant screen of the planetarium. It was a magic world for them!

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium is one of the famous planetariums in India and is famed for its technical finesse. Planetarium is one of the best ways to introduce science to kids and instil scientific curiosity in them. The trip on 23rd August helped the children of “Vydehi School” to keep pace with what they study in their science books. Before getting into the planetarium, children were guided to a park where they were induced into fun activities and games by teacher. There, they observed “the rolling cylinders” which demonstrate a simple scientific fact. Two cylinders of the same size were allowed to roll down from the top of the incline and the solid one finishes first while the lighter one finishes later. Teachers explained the scientific truth behind it and kids were astonished to know it! It was a peaceful atmosphere out there in the park as children were having a great time, ‘swinging in the park’!

Children saw the medium-sized flex boards that were on the planetarium wall. Even though they were self explanatory, children asked the teachers to enlighten them on those posters. Their design, with pictures of planets on it might have triggered this curiosity in children. Teachers effectively explained that they were about Asteroids and dwarf planets- two small dots in the ‘mystery map’ of space science. Children were amazed to know that asteroids are tiny rocky worlds, spinning around the sun. Teachers believe that such information induced rich imagination in children. “Vydehi School of Excellence” gives great importance to the imaginative potential of children. On the whole, the trip to planetarium was proved very successful, imaginative and truly educational, for both children and teachers.

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