Technology at Vydehi

Learning through innovative technologies and teaching the students how to effectively utilize these technologies falls under the core curriculum at Vydehi.

We believe in using the latest technology to enhance the quality of education. As another step in our innovative schooling methods, we introduced smart boards in the classrooms. Smart boards are a new technology that can store information (various lectures, textbook content) and can also play it when it is required. Smart board, a new step in innovative teaching, provides audio visual facilities to children as to help them understand the concepts better. A lesson in physics or biology will be very easy to understand if there are videos to communicate it properly. This way , we are able to enhance the focus of our students on their subjects and this helps them to think beyond just academic teaching, which will help them in future for further studies. We have two computer labs and one science lab. All our teachers are computer educated and can help the students immensely when it comes to using a computer. In this information age, early access to the computer will help children to get a knack of using the computer and will enhance their efficiency.