You can collect the fee structure from the school office.
Yes. We provide transport up to 15 Km.
The school provides after school day care facility up to Grade-4 till 6.30 pm subject to the current scenario.
The entire school is under CCTV surveillance. The school also has female security guards in all the floors including entry & exit.
Kindly fill the E-Form in website and upload the documents. We will schedule an Online interaction with the head mistress.
Application form is uploaded in the school website. You can fill the E-form and submit by paying a registration charge of Rs 500/-.
Physical Class Timings:
Nursery, LKG & UKG: 8.00 am to 12.15 pm
Grade-1 to Grade-12: 8.00 am to 2.50 pm
Online Class Timing and Duration will be intimated.
Grade-1 to Grade-5: English, Hindi & Kannada
Grade-6 to Grade-8: English, Kannada and any one language from the option
Hindi/Sanskrit/German/French(there is no third language). We follow second
language curriculum with equal weightage for all the languages.
Grade 9 to Grade 10: English and any one second language from the option Hindi/Sanskrit/Kannada/German/French
From NUR to Grade-1: 36-38 students with 2 teachers
From Grade 2 to Grade-12: 36-38 students with class teacher and subject teachers separately.
PT, Art & Craft, Yoga, Karate, Music, Dance, Athletics, Football, Cricket, Basketball etc are some of the activities offered by the school.
Yes, the notebooks & textbooks are included in the Annual fees.
Uniform can be purchased from the school.
School started in the year 2009.
We have around 3500 students in the school.
Yes we are tied up with Vidya Mandir Coaching Classes
There will be 10% sibling discount in the tuition fees for the younger child.
Nursery: 2.6 months to 3.6 months as on June 30th 2022.
LKG: 3.6 months to 4.6 months as on June 30th 2022.
UKG: 4.6 months to 5.6 months as on June 30th 2022.
Grade-1: 5.6 months to 6.6 months as on June 30th 2022.
All the circulars will be uploaded in the parent portal.
We have two terms.
Grade 1 to Grade 5 -Four Unit Test
Grade 6 to Grade 8 -Two Periodic Test, Half Yearly and Annual Exam
Grade 9 to Grade 12-Based on CBSE Pattern
Each quarter one PTM
We will share the contact number so that you can speak to the Concern person.
Campus visit is allowed between 3-4 pm
Football, Basketball, Cricket, Lawn Tennis
Yes we have and that is paid activities
Yes we have remedial classes.
Equal importance is given for Academics and extra curricular activities.
Special Assembly, Science Fest, Viva Tarang Dance Fest, Literature Fest, Annual Day, Sports Day, Cryptics(Quiz Competition), VMUN
Yes we have smart boards and projector.
Vydehi School of Excellence,82 EPIP Area, Vydehi Campus,Whitefield,Bengaluru-560066,Karnataka.
We have a full term nurse with fully equipped infirmary room.
We have two full time Counsellors in the school
Yes we are an inclusive school. We have special educator.

1. We have Indoor Auditorium with 200 capacity.

2. School Library with 16035 books.

3. Huge playground with 2 basket ball court, football court, cricket pitch & Athletics's track.

4. We have Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs for Secondary and Senior Secondary.

5. We have one Composite Lab from Grade 3 to Grade 8 and three computer Labs.

6. We have Ventilated Classrooms with Smart boards and Projector.