Admissions Open – CBSE Grade XI

Science and Commerce

The Senior Secondary level (classes XI and XII) is a two-year educational schedule wherein, the students at VSE are trained to confront academic challenges and help them gain the skills required to pursue a rewarding career of their choice. It is a major threshold in their life and the school takes extra effort to monitor the progress of each child by assigning a mentor who motivates and encourages the student. The teachers here are well-trained, sensitive and efficient to support the varied needs of each student. The students are able to prepare themselves to face the academic rigor expected in university and apply knowledge in practical applications under the teacher’s guidance. The core at the teaching methodology is interactive sessions in the classroom. The faculty aims at drawing out the potential of the students by providing individual attention to students. The subject combinations are derived to support integrated learning for all-round development.

The school adheres to all the CBSE rules and guidelines. The school is a pioneer in promoting various activities, competitions and examinations conducted by the CBSE as well as different schools. The school has facilities for all CBSE practical’s and activities. This senior secondary curriculum is also integrated with the current requirement of knowledge and skill of a student aspiring for admission into technical higher education. The curriculum is assessed and reviewed annually thereby aligning it to the changing needs of students.

Our admissions to Grade 11 are open now subject to availability of seats.

In order to recognize and motivate students, we have come up with Academic Scholarships as below.

Students performing well in academics at the Xth board exam (2023-24) can avail significant tuition fee waivers for the academic year 2024-25.

Score 80 to 85% – 25% waiver
Score 85 to 90% – 40% waiver
Score 90 to 95% – 50% waiver
Score 95 to 100% – 100% waiver

For Girl students performing well in academics at the Xth board exam (2023-24) can avail significant tuition fee waivers for the academic year 2024-25.
Score above 70%– 20% waiver
Score 80 to 85% – 35% waiver
Score 85 to 90% – 50% waiver
Score 90 to 95% – 60% waiver
Score 95 to 100% – 100% waiver

The following streams are offered at Senior Secondary level.

Kindly find the Science and Commerce Streams with following subjects being offered.

Science Stream:

SC01 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science – (PCM-C)
SC02 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics – (PCM-E)
SC03 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence – (PCM-AI)
SC04 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Multi-Media –(PCM-Md)
SC05 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology – (PCM-Py)
SC06 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Painting – (PCM-Pt)
SC07 Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physical Education – (PCM-PE)
SC08 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics – (PCM-B)
SC09 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology – (PCB-Py)
SC10 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Physical Education – (PCB-PE)
SC11 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Informative Practices – (PCB-IP)
SC12 Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Painting – (PCB-Pt)

Commerce Stream:

C01 Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Applied Mathematics – (AEB-AM)
C02 Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Entrepreneurship – (AEB-Ep)
C03 Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Legal Studies – (AEB-LS)
C04 Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Informative Practices – (AEB-IP)
C05 Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Physical Education – (AEB-Pe)
C06 Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Multi-Media – (AEB-Md)
C07 Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies and Painting – (AEB-Pt)


Students seeking admission should have grade 8th, 9th marks sheet, grade 10th, 1st term marks sheet and completed 10 years of education from a recognized school and attained the minimum percentage decided by school authorities for various streams.


Application forms are available from the school’s admission office or kindly download the
application form from the website and fill in all the details and share the same to along with the documents mentioned in the application form.

Admission Department will coordinate for the further process.

For more details kindly get in touch with the admission counsellor at 080-46636000. Ext No 403/407/447.

After we receive the application form for admission, we will update you on the entrance Exam dates.

The selection procedure is as follows:

Based on availability of seats we will share application forms. Applicants for Grade 11 will
undergo a diagnostic assessment to check aptitude for their chosen stream. Applicants will be tested on Grade 7 to 10 syllabus in the subjects they choose to pursue.

The selected candidates will then be called for an interaction with the Principal and Head
Mistress of the academic stream they have chosen.

The interview focuses on: –

i) Applicant’s aptitude for the chosen stream.
ii) Physical and mental fitness such that the child can seamlessly integrate into the class.
iii) A shared belief for the education of the child between parents and the school.
On passing the selection process a letter of confirmation is sent to the parent. Within five days of receipt the Admission Fee & Annual Fee needs to be paid to enroll the child into the school.

The fee payment needs to be done through the link shared by the accounts department.

After completing the transaction, you would need to send the following details to

1. Transaction Receipt No:
2. Date of Transaction.
3. Amount of Transaction:
4. Name of the Student:
5. Class of the Student:

A welcome letter from school seals the process of admission.

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