Sports Philosophy
The sports program at Vydehi ensures that the students get the opportunities to contribute an active part in the quest to stay healthy as well as broaden their talents in various types of sports and develop their personalities.

Sports is a major facet where choices are many – cricket, football, tennis, chess, karate; the goal being to play well and play fair. Through various games, students can learn value of team work, risk taking, positive challenges and exultations.

Vydehi School Sports activities enables the students to sprout the sports zeal, vigour, companionship as well as aplomb.


Children who are active in sports tend to be more attentive, social, and civic minded as well as scores better academically. It teaches them to be a great team player and thereby supports their career life in future.


The School encourages several indoor games, namely:

  • CHESS: Several researches as well as studies have proven the positive impact of chess on a child. It is known for strengthening a child mentally, boosting their endurance and self confidence especially in academic research as well as a positive change to overall health. It leads to better analytical and decision making skills.
  • TABLE TENNIS: It is an important factor that playing a game of table tennis contributes to the development of character as it teaches them to work hard. Students learn to handle success and failure at a very early stage and it increases their ability to handle pressure.
  • CARROM: The benefits of board games were pushed aside by many as and when computer and video games began to hit the gaming industry. Board games contribute a lot to the development of an individual when compared to computer/video games. To instill the interest of board games in every student, the school provides carrom board sessions.


The school focuses on the following outdoor games:

  • CRICKET: A team sport that has been played for hundreds of years. It brings out immense benefits to its players. Cricket is a game that increases endurance and above all physical fitness. It has physical, mental and social benefits. It is one of the best forms for proper aerobic workout for your child. Apart from this, it helps them to think tactically. Vydehi School understands the importance of cricket in a child’s life and hence provides the best coaching support to develop the student’s interest in cricket in a positive direction.
  • BASKETBALL: It is one of the most popular team sports that is viewed and played. Getting engaged in basketball is the best way to make children have all the fun and be active. It supports the child in gaining better social skills. Vydehi School has a large basketball court to provide the opportunity for our students to develop their passion for the game.
  • FOOTBALL: The game involves lot of running, thereby eradicating the risk of obesity in children. It is beneficial to both boys and girls as they get themselves engaged for hours in exercise. Besides, they also learn to be disciplined along with the ability to overcome obstacles. Vydehi School has a huge ground to provide football coaching to the students.


The school focuses on the following Fitness Programmes:

  • YOGA
    Yoga practice strengthens both body as well as mind. Yoga showers its benefits on any of its practitioners regardless of their physical abilities. Yoga leads to inner harmony of the mind, body and soul. In the day to day environment, children do encounter a lot of physical and emotional stress as well as challenges. They need to cope up with this. Children become more agog and develop higher self-discovery through this. An increased level of concentration or focus is the main result through regular yoga practice which can help them perfectly in their studies, classes, sports etc. The school understands the benefits and importance of yoga and provides yoga classes to ensure better health and fitness of our students.

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  • Annual Sports Day 2014

    Vydehi School of Excellence celebrated the maiden edition of its sporting spree on December 14, 2014, showcasing the best of its stamina, speed, skill, strength and spirit in the presence of the chief guest, Mr Harjeet Kakkar – President & CEO, VHIRE4U and Ms. Shalini Dutta. With oath taking by the school captain, races like Jack-in-the-Sack, Triple Delight and other sprint events added fun dimension to the Sports Meet.

    Different drills based on aerobics by the four houses on the themes - 'Go Green', 'Water, Water Everywhere', 'Heart to Heart' and 'Illuminating Lives' showcased each team’s strength and unity. Lastly, the deserving winners were awarded with medals and certificates, yet leaving a lingering trail in the memory of every Vydehi member.


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