How To Raise a Confident and Happy Girl Child – A Few Tips

Raising a child, be it a boy or a girl ain’t an easy at it may seem. Once you become a parent you automatically commit yourself to a 20 year long project to say the least. In India, people have now started having an open mind around gender equality and this paradigm shift is bringing about a progressive change in the society as well. Though depression and anxiety amongst children, are threats that are existent in the society even today. Particularly in India gender inequality is an issue deep-rooted in India’s DNA since the beginning of time. Though in urban India, the picture is different and people do believe in gender equality.

How To Raise a Confident and Happy Girl Child

We in India even today are used to teaching our children, particularly girl child to do what we want them to do and not what they want to. We impose our choices and restrictions on them. As a result, the girls are not able to bloom to their fullest and learn to be independent in terms of taking decisions. Here are a few tips to help you make your girls turn into happy and confident individuals.

Freedom to be – let you girl decide what she wants to eat, wants to wear or what she wants to do. Do not impose your likings on her. This will help her develop decision making skills. That does not mean everything is permissible, but within limits give her the freedom to be herself.

Saying No is okay – Usually, we teach our girl to not say no if someone wants to hug or we want her to meet a person or say hello to a person who she does not like. But, the fact is it should be her decision. If she is uncomfortable about something like a bad touch, let her know that it is okay to say no and tell the person in question that she is not comfortable with what’s happening and take further step of letting an elder no if the situation is out of control. You need to make her understand that saying no is okay and her comfort and choice is important.

Sharing is Caring – Try to develop a friendship bond with your child and see that your girl child shares her issues with you. If your bonding with your girl is great, it will not only help her but you also in resolving the issues and concerns of her.

Don’t expect too much – Expecting above a child’s abilities is not a good idea. It restricts the full blooming of the child as you put a load of your dreams on her. Do understand that your child is also an individual with her own likes, dislikes, dreams and more. Let her be herself and carve out a life of her choice for her.

As the torchbearer though, you may guide your child through her journey and help make it a beautiful and content one.

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