5 Child Virtuoso’s That Make India Proud

While many of the kids are busy watching cartoons in the world, there are children who are busy discovering, inventing and innovating in various different fields like mathematics, science, sports, art, music and more. If you aren’t aware of kids who are making millions at the age of 7 or 8 by creating mind blowing paintings and most importantly that they are of Indian origin, then here’s an interesting piece of information around the little geniuses who find their roots in the land that was once known as the golden sparrow.

Akrit Jaswal

Akrit Jaswal

This child of Indian origin is one of a kind. He has already been a guest at ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. Why? Because at the age of 7, he was able to operate a girl one year elder to him for treatment of her burnt and fused fingers. Akrit was able to free those fingers with surgery. He is nothing less than a genius with an IQ of 146. At present, he is a teenager and is conducting research on finding a cure for the dreaded disease called Cancer.

Aravindh ChithambaramAravindh Chithambaram
Overcoming the umpteen monetary challenges that came in his way, he became the chess grandmaster of 2015 at the tender age of 15. Known as the next Vishwanathan Anand of India, his score at the Aeroflot open this is 5/9 with a FIDE ranking of 2584.

Kautilya Pandit

Kautilya Pandit
He has an astounding IQ of over 150 and is already titled Google boy due to his extraordinary memory prowess. Kautilya is better than any other average adult on knowledge of topics like History, Geography, Culture, Heritage and more. No Wonder, he was invited at the hot seat of Kaun Banega Crore Pati besides receiving an award of 10 lacs from the Haryana Government. The Kashi Vidwan Parishan has also decorated him with the title of Bal Manishi.

Edmund Thomas ClintEdmund Thomas Clint
Though this star is in the skies now and privileged the country only for around 7 years, he has to his name over 25000 paintings. To achieve the quality of artwork he created it generally or rather normally takes years of analytical study and training. He won the under 18 painting competition at just 5 years of age. His work has been displayed in various exhibitions across Kerala from 1995 to 2007.

Priyanshi Somani

Priyanshi SomaniPriyanshi Somani won the mental calculation world cup in 2010 with 100% accuracy in mathematical calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more. She has won so many awards since her world cup win that she has secured herself a place in the limca book of records as well as the Guinness Book of world records.

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