Assistive Technology to Help Out Kids With Special needs Get Social

Technology comes with its own pros and cons, but as for kids with special needs, technology can always be used to enhance their communication and social skills. In today’s times, there are a variety of options available on hand that can be used for communication as well as learning

Assistive technology has proved to be of great help in children with learning disabilities.
Assistive technology is a very effective approach if they are used appropriately. Many parents are not aware about the use of assistive technology. Being aware about this technology can help parents make optimum use of the technology for best results. You can choose the technology as per custom needs of your kids.

Assistive Technology to Help Out Kids With Special needs Get Social

Assistive Technology
Assistive technology is an equipment or system that helps you work with any sort of human learning disabilities. AT helps children in improving skills deficits like reading and spelling. AT helps a child with learning disabilities be independent and confident too. Here’s a run through some assistive technology tools that are available.

Alternative Keyboards – The keyboards come with special overlays on regular keyboards because children with learning disabilities have issues typing. The customization helps them around input choices, color/ location as well as group keys and graphics as well.

Abbreviation expanders – It is a software that is used along with word processing in order to help the child with frequently used words as well as phrases. The user can create, store and use them whenever needed without making spelling mistakes and faster by less typing.

Free Form Database Software – This is a noting software which stores notes in electronic format and the user can retrieve the same by typing a fragment of the original note.

Electronic math work sheets – For people who aren’t able to solve mathematics queries with the help of pencil and paper can take help of these software programs. They help in aligning, organizing as well as reading loudly using a speech synthesizer.

Personal FM listening systems – This helps the user listen to a speaker in a better way by enhancing the concentration levels. The unit comes with a wireless transmitter for the speaker and earphone for the receiver.

Many other assistive learning tools are available that can help children deal with their learning disabilities.

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