The Teched Families – Parenting Leveraging Technology

Present-day, technology is penetrated through every single strata of India right from the low income levels to the high income groups. Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and we cannot shy away from the fact that children are exposed to the most. Be it games or music, children do use parents mobile phones and keeping children away from gadgets is one of the major challenges parents are facing today. Even parents look for solutions to their children’s needs on the internet. There are many apps already available online to help people around parenting be it before or after the birth of the child. A few examples of apps including pregnancy care, baby growth monitoring, sleep tracking apps and more. Furthermore, there are brands who are already in the process of a making child possessions like Prams and mobiles into smart devices. Hence, we could aptly say that technology has influenced education to a great extent. Now, the question is how can we leverage technology and make it a win-win situation for parents and kids as well. Mr Jairaj Bhattacharya, MD ConvenGenius says “ Parents are choosing to provide digital devices to children. This is because children are exposed to gadgets like smartphones for entertainment and games anyways. If these gadgets could further learning outcomes and improve them psychologically, it serves as a win-win for the parent and the child. Also this serves as a great approach to fill the gaps that working parents face today due to lack of time towards their study.

The Teched Families - Parenting Leveraging Technology

So, apps that educate children can really work well. There are already a few there that include apps connect Parents, Teachers as well as students on one common platform. Then there are one on one tutoring apps also already there for tutoring the child while there’s a facility for the parent to monitor progress of the child as well. Apps like objective is to provide quality content for kids of different age groups right form 1.5 years to 8 years.

Having said that, continuous exposure to smart phones is not a good idea anyways. Smartphones of parents could have other content not suitable for children plus their eyes could be at risk as well. Tablet manufacturers have already taken this problem into account and have created tablets exclusively for kids with hard cases for resisting a few bumps as well like Eddy tablet by Intel. It’s a treasure trove for over 100 books referred by Educators and over 160 applications for children. Another innovative initiative is toys on rent initiative. No parent would disagree when we say a child cannot play with the same toy for long and does not have the interest to keep it safe for a long time. Rent a toy is the only easy way out to this problem. You can rent toys for your child and return them once the child is done playing. The toys available are sanitized for the safety and hygiene of children and come with amazing rental plans as well. Many of us are already aware of tools like video baby monitor that help parents monitor their baby remotely day and night.

Well, technology could be a boon only if it is used for the betterment and development of your child smartly. Though, it could never be a substitute for the time parents provide to their child or spend with them. So, using smart apps as well as technology for the betterment of your child is okay but balancing the same by spending quality time with your child is of utmost importance and no gadget or app in the world can ever be a substitute for the same.

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Strong Parental Bonds Help Children Adapt Well To Relationships

As per a new study published in Developmental Psychology, the University of Illinios, if a child has a strong bond with parents the child, even if the child has to deal with a difficult peer, they can easily adapt as they turn out to be positive and responsive playmates.

As per Nancy McElwain, a U of I professor of human development a child who has a secure attachment with parents is more responsive and comes in with positive expectations. The study involved 114 children after 32 months. The parents were asked to report their child’s developmental changes at the 33rd week with respect to social fearfulness and proneness. Further, after completion of 39 months, same gender kids were paired randomly with others and again observed for one month period over three laboratory visits.

Strong Parental Bonds Help Children Adapt Well To Relationships

If a child who is securely attached is paired with a child who gets angry or frustrated fast, then this child will respond with requests rather than commands during the first two week. A simple example could such behavior could be grabbing toys etc. But by the last visit, a securely attached child seems to adapt with the anger prone peer due to the controlling assertiveness by improving his/her own control levels.

The study revealed data around the child’s attachment security level with parents, how well the kids knew one another, partners tendency to be angry as well as predictability during before and after visits. As per McElwain even the temperament of the child played an important role in understanding the behavior of securely bonded children with their peers.

Having said that, she also added that it does not mean that there is any connection with difficult temperament and insecure attachment. For example even if the infant it fussy, it does not mean he or she wouldn’t develop any bond with the parent. If tried definitely the child can develop strong bonds with his parents and enjoy positive as well as close relationships with others.

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Summer Vacations Are Equally Necessary For Kids With Special Needs

Even though kids with special needs require some extra help with their overall development and some particular areas where they are challenged, their basic needs are same as that of their abled peers. This stands true even when it comes to taking summer vacations. Specially abled children also need to have their summer vacations spent doing interesting recreational and activities. These activities not only help them enjoy their time and engage but also aid their social development and skill sets. Be it creative activities or recreational activities both help your child grow in one way or the other besides them having fun while doing so. Many parents with special needs are more comfortable putting their children in group activities that are designed for children of special needs because of their concern around the safety of their children as well as because parents feel at times their kids do need help around doing certain activities and groups for specials needs children have special educators who can help the kids around with their activities. Having said this, there are parents who prefer to have their specially abledkids indulge in activities alongside their abled peers also and it’s a good idea as per experts also because an inclusive environment helps improve the communication and social skills of children in a better way. Though having them enrolled in a normal group or special group for activities may depend on individual choice, the objective is always the same, viz. engaging your children into activities that enable your kids to develop their fine motor skills, communication skills and explore what could turn out to be their passion and even their occupation for life. Summer activities like indoor sports, cooking, pottery, adventures, outdoor sports, photography and creative activities like dancing, painting, sketching, music, help them come out of their shells and explore their interests, hone their fine motor skills, social skills, communication skills and more. There is every possibility that these explorations and experiences could turn out to be life changing for many kids.

Summer Vacations

So, if you are a parent of a special abled child, make optimum use of their summer vacations by engaging them into various different group based activities that they enjoy and learn from at the same time.

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Popular Games That Find Their Roots in India

ndia is already a land of many inventions be it in the field of mathematics, physics, science, culture or literature, music or sports. We all play games as kids and even adults or senior citizens for that matter but many of us are not really aware of the origins of these games or the roots of these games. Here’s are short tour into the games that actually originated or have been known to be originated in India.kho kho

Kho Kho – Played less now, but just till two decades ago, it was a common and well known Indian Game. This game is known to have been played a lot even in the ancient times particularly by the Emperors on their chariots and was known as ‘Rathera’ because of that.


Kabaddi – One of the most popular games in India now, thanks to the Pro Kabaddi league, this sport finds its origin in Tamilnadu, India and is known to be over 4000 years old with five different forms namely Amar, Circle, Goongi, Gaminee and Suranjeevii.



Chess – Known as Ashtapada in ancient India, Chess is one of the oldest games to have originated in India. During the rule of Gupta Empire it came to be known as Chaturanga and later the Persians who travelled to India named it as Shatranj. There is also a mention of a similar board game in the Indus Valley Civilization archaeological sites. No wonder, even today India is topping the world charts in chess competitions.

ludo game

Ludo – Played for the first time in the 6th Century, Ludo was earlier known as Pachisi and was derived from another ancient Indian game called Chausar. Chausar has its mention in the Ramayana as well as on the carvings of Ajant and Ellora too.

Polo game

Polo – Many of us aren’t aware that Polo also has originated in India though it was later propagated by the British across the world. The game find its origins in Manipur where the monarchs there played it on Elephants for recreation in 33 AD in the court of Kumpapa Cheitharon.

Well, there are many more games including Badminton, snakes and ladders, cards and more that find their roots in ancient India and its quite surprising and awe-inspiring to see that these games even today are ruling the hearts of people, even in the times of electronic gadgets, they are not wiped off completely.

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Carpenter or Gardener – What Kind of A Parent Are You?

Parenting is nothing less than a roller coaster ride and many a times, you’d find parents asking experts about some formula for parenting their kids perfectly. Well, as per experts there is no such formula. While today parents aren’t really able to spend a lot of time with kids due to both of them working. So, in a bid to do our best for our children many a times we end up doing helicopter parenting. Well, Experts think that children need to be on their own and not instructed or hovered by parents all the time. As per one of the known Psychologist and author of the book The Gardener and the Carpenter, Gopnik, trying to shape your kids so that they turn out to be particular type of adults is a doomed project by far. Furthermore it could also be counterproductive. Having said that she does not mean that kids don’t need looking after. They certainly do but not like it’s been done in today’s times. Most of the middle class parents, fathers and mothers alike have taken up parenting like any occupation and their main focus is results more than the over-all development and well-being of their child.

Carpentar or Gardener

According to the psychology professor Gopnik, “leaving children alone is not a bad idea” and children are the last thing we need to be controlling. Apparently children need to stop worrying around the tiny little minutes of parenting as it does not make any different on how children turn out of be. Over parenting apparently creates a generation of kids who aren’t really independent.

Gopnik says that there isn’t any formula around parenting its just that parents need to be the gardeners for their children. Let them grow up freely not like those gardeners though who hothouse their plants – vis manipulate or force plants to grow in a greenhouse. Its just to water them adequately and provide the necessary nutrients just like a plant grows in the meadow.

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A Few Tips On Bonding with Your Child!

Every parent wants to develop a bond with their child that makes their child feel safe, secure and comfortable enough to share their emotions be that of happiness joy, fear or anxiety. On the other hand parents today go out of the way to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of their child not only physically but even when it comes to connections. Here are a few tips to help you around strengthening your bond with your child.

A Few Tips On Strengthening The Bond With Your Child

Load them with Hugs – As per scientific study we need at least 4 hugs daily to survive, 9 to maintain ourselves and 12 to grow. So make sure that you snuggle in with your kid at least 8 -10 times a day, to make him/her secure and loved. This will help the child not only grow by bloom with confidence.

Keep Technology at bay – Technology is a boon and a bane too. When it comes to spending time with your kids, you need to keep yourself and your kid away for any kind of distractions in order to engage with them and for them to have your presence felt. So, if you are commuting your way home and wanting to have a chat with your kids, ensure that they are not on your devices, music in the car is off and even kids are away from theirs.

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One on One talk – Be it around bedtime or before take out 15 minutes of time where you have eye contact with your child and talk one on one with him/her. You do not have to have a time table for the same, just fit in some fun activity which makes your kid engage and have fun with you.

Listen to your child – To be a friend of your child or to even develop a close connection you need to listen to your child primarily. That’s the key. Even if you have to say something keep it till your child is done with telling you their thing. You need to understand the perspective of your child and respond in a way that’s win-win for both. Ensure that you respect your child as you respect others.

Family-time connections – Mealtime and bedtime are two very important opportunities for a parent, rather for a family to strengthen the bonding with their child. Have a sort of ritual where you sit with your child and talk to them during mealtime, tell stories and snuggle with your child during bedtime.

Well, even though parenting is one of the most daunting tasks in the world and is a roller coaster ride, having a connection with your child can apparently ease your journey to a considerable extent.

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Parenting Trends – 2019

Parenting trends have kept on changing and evolving over time and one of the biggest influence in parenting has been the technology that has also become an integral part of living of humankind and its positive as well as negative effects on kids. Let’s run through some of the parenting trends of 2019 that parents need to be aware about.

Parenting Trends In 2019

Holistic Approach – Even though in India academics is a top priority for parents, there has been a lot of change and parents and even schools are taking the holistic approach of concentrating not only on academic excellence but areas of interest of the child and fostering the same.

Anxiety is normal – Present-day, people are able to understand that it is okay to be anxious, it is normal. Be it adults or kids, everyone is prone to anxiety. A survey in Australia proved that one in seven kids within the age group of 4-18 years having mental health conditions, obviously anxiety is there. People and Parents are accepting this, talking about it and ways to handle the same.

The Technology Effect – Technology has transformed life and has become an integral part of everyone’s lives today. With the pro, there comes the con, that includes its effects on children in terms of over usage or addiction, abuse and more. In 2019, people and parents alike are talking about dealing with the technology cons and balancing the family time and tech time with an objective of using technology for personal enrichment, not entertainment only.

Extra-Curricular Activities – From the beginning of time, to say, academics has always topped the priority list of parents. But, now times are changing and extra-curricular activities could just turn out to be a passion for your kid, a stress buster or rejuvenator for that matter and help in the overall wellbeing as well. Parents are paying attention to extra-curricular activities as much as they do to academics.

Meaningful Conversations – The only way to establish a connection with your child, a bond and friendship is to converse. Meaningful conversations with parents can help children outgrow their anxiety, fears and more. Be it at the meal – table or while indulging into extra-curricular activities inside or outside the house or just having fun, meaningful conversations can work like magic.

With time, the only constant is change, and we need to learn to change. It applies to parenting too and the trends are a harbinger of the same. Well, that’s good news.

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The parent-teacher association of Vydehi School of Excellence is an active body of the School. Every parent and teacher is a member of the association, as VSE strongly believes that parents and teachers must work together with children to improve the quality of education.

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Dealing With Special Needs Teens – 5 Few Tips

Children with special needs, require special attention and extra support as compared to their peers. Additionally, kids, as well as parents, need to deal with the surrounding, adjust and adapt to it. Even people and peers of kids with special needs don’t necessarily understand them and can be non-empathetic to them. At times many kids with special needs are disobedient and hard to manage. Here are a few tips that could help you manage your teen kids in a better way.

Dealing With Special Needs Teens

Believe – Believing is primary. If you believe in your kids, others automatically will. If you don’t, don’t expect others to. Your child could be angry or disobedient but you need to believe that your kid is doing his/her best.

Don’t assume – If you have any questions ask them, but do not assume. Assumptions around the special needs of your child. If your child has a physical disability do not assume that it means that the child has mental too.

Promote Independence – Don’t assume that kids with special needs are unable to make decisions without help. As far as possible let them be on their own wherever they can. Ask if they need help before helping them out with daily chores. Guide them in being independent. Like for example when you put clothes on them, ask them which shirt they would prefer to wear, by giving them small options. This way you help them make their own decisions.

Foster their Strengths – Every child is unique and even children with special needs have their own strengths. As a parent try to recognize their strengths and foster them as you would do for a normal child.

vydehi school blog image

All Friendships – Encourage your child to have friendships with everyone irrespective of whether their friends are challenged or not. Just take care that other friends treat your child properly and not poorly.

Well, managing teens without disabilities can be a daunting task, then obviously, parenting teens with special needs can be even more taxing, but with a few tips and points in mind, you can make the work easier.

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Ensure Your Kids Eat Healthy – Few Tips

Gone are the days when Indians had four to five kids or even more and they just grew up in a joint family with a long list of close relatives to look after. There have been stories of women not being able to give any time to kids because most of the time went around in the kitchen and other domestic chores for the family. Today, women are out and working and equal to men, at least to say. Today parents are much concerned of every aspect of their child’s developmental process be it health or fitness, academics or sports, hobbies or extra-curricular activities or even mental health. Parents today want the best for their children. What they only miss out on looking into the details of all this is the quality time, which is of utmost importance for the kids and home-made healthy food as well. As both parents are out and working, many kids after school live in daycares and even if they are home, with all the online order facility available at the click of the button, many times its home delivery of restaurant made foods.

Ensure Your Kids Eat Healthy

This apparently hampers the health of the child and deprives them of the needed nutrients that a homemade balanced diet can provide against the processed foods, loaded with unhealthy calories available outside. Apparently, kids pick every little thing from others and primarily it’s the parents. So, if the parents prefer unhealthy food, the kids are obviously going to prefer the same. Well, the solution is to follow what you preach. Eat healthy and seeing you do so, even the child will in no time.

A healthy diet includes five potions of fruits as well as vegetables on a daily basis. The balanced diet should include carbohydrates besides dairy, fats, veggies, and proteins.

It’s simple to understand if you spread it across a pyramid. At the base include the carbohydrates like cereals, pasta, rice and bread as Carbs are responsible for providing energy all through the day. Next in the pyramid are the vegetables and the fruits, followed by protein rich foods like fish, eggs, nuts, pulses and dairy like milk, cheese and yogurt. The phoenix or top of the pyramid is made up of the smallest part that is the fat and sugars including ghee, butter, oil, sweets and cakes.

The base is the largest part and subsequently decreasing as it goes up. Your child’s diet also needs to be that way in order for him/her to get the balance of all the nutrients required to be in the best of health.

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Life Skills For Making Children Independent

Gone are the days when kids used be taken care of any of the family members of a joint family and parents particularly moms were busy cooking for the whole house and other chores. But in today’s times when families have gone nuclear and parents, mostly both of them working, are very much concerned about every need of their child. They do seem to be focused in getting them everything that is needed more so because of the lack of time they have to spend with their kids. But, one thing that has not completely wiped out of still from our society is that academics is still the most important part of a child’s life. If the child fails there then there is pressure of performance. This obsession is apparently a legacy that has been carried forwards since the beginning of time of education. The winds of change are blowing but still we have to see a complete change in the mindset.

Life Skills For Making Children Independent

Speak to many school heads and many of them will bring this issue to light. Rather than concentrating merely on academics, parents need to understand that every child is unique and is blessed with a unique capability. As the saying goes ‘never judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree’, parents need to understand and explore the hidden talent of the child and try to nurture and foster the same rather than pressuring the child over academic performance. Parenting is a roller coaster ride with its highs and lows and bonding with children, working together with the teachers at school and parent can certainly help.

What kid really need to sustain in this world where Newton’s law ‘Survival of the fittest’ still holds true is a support that someone is always with them in their journey and who else than a parent can fill this space. Here are few tips on how you can foster your child to become independent through life skills.

vydehi school blog image

  1. Teach them to Respect people – To earn respect, you need to give respect and this needs to be instilled into the child early on. Etiquettes helps groom a child’s mentality and the way to do it is to do it yourself.

  1. Encourage Extra-curricular activities – A holistic approach and an open mind can work wonders for the child, so beyond academics join them with extra curricular activities like sports, music or anything else that interests them.

  2. Put them in Situations and observe then respond – Put them into situations without helping them. Try to observe how they respond to situations. This will help them make decisions, boost their self esteem

  3. Relax and Have fun – Don’t take everything seriously. Children do make mistakes and will keep making them as they are learning every moment. So, just try to ignore silly mistakes and give them freedom to do mistakes by assuring them that we all make mistakes when we try. It’s okay to make mistakes some times as long as you learn from them and avoid repeating them.

  4. Follow a hobby - Hobbies always help in unwinding yourself and rejuvenating and starting early always helps.

All this helps them through their journey of life when they grow up, making it easier too.

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