This New Year And Decade, Reinvent Your Parenting Skills

As we step over into 2020, not only a brand new year but also a brand new decade, we’re all looking to make a fresh start and also work on things we’ve been wanting to but haven’t been able to for one reasons than many. Parenting is more of a process, a long and evolving one. So, this new season here are few tips on what you can change around your parenting skills

This New Year And Decade, Reinvent Your Parenting Skills

Spend Time – If you’re already being doing it, that’s great. If not you need and it does not mean that you watch television together. It is about spending quality time together. About taking a walk together or playing a game or reading together.

Avoid Rewarding – We always tend to offer lucrative rewards as parents to children many a times to get them doing what we want like getting good marks, or winning a quiz or race. But, ideally this is not the way to do it. It is not only a burden on you in terms of money but you are also putting your child into a habit or raised expectations from you. Occasional gifts are fine none the less.

Avoid Punishments – It’s common for parents to get angry when kids do not listen or throw tantrums of do something wrong. Many of us resolve such matter either by giving time outs or punishments. A better idea is to make them understand that what they did wasn’t acceptable and should not be repeated.

Avoid Anger – Children observe elders and imitate them. So, if you want your child to be calm in anger, you need to do that too.

Well, this new year ring in the new and ring out the old, change yourself first and see the change in your children.

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