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Summer vacations are as much a time when kids feel very happy for not going to school and having maximum time to play and less to study, (well almost most of the kids love vacations). Well, most of them want to be engaged in activities so that they are not bored at home.  The work is furthermore if your kid is an ADHD. Parents with ADHD kids are already aware that their kids need to be kept engaged because they get bored pretty soon.


So, here are some strategies to help you manage the routines of your ADHD child in such a way that the child is engaged and not bored.

Summer Camp – Putting your child in a summer camp is a really good way to keep the child engaged. At the camp, the child will be kept engaged with different types of activities be it art, craft, dance and more.  A good camp will help your child’s skills to be honed as well.

Family time – As much it is important to for the child to have play time in structure form to an extent, it is equally important for the child to spend time with both the parents together. This will not only give the child a sense of security and happiness, it will also enhance family bonding.

Unstructured Time – Though you may have activities planned for the kid throughout the day, it’s always advisable to give your child some me time or unstructured time.  This will help your child explore self, his or her creative abilities and be natural. At this time allowing the child to do whatever he or she wants is a good idea.

Dedicated Activity – If your kid is well above 4-5 years of age you might as well enroll him or her in some dedicated sport of extracurricular activity. Observe the child for some days as in if the child is really enjoying the sport or not and based on that decide on continuing the activity. ADHD kids are known to pay a lot of attention to what they love to do. So, this might just help your kids explore his or her very own potential and area of interest.

Well managing the routine of kids, in general, is a time consuming and extremely responsible activity that requires you to be on your toes all the time because of the safety of the child. But, planning out the vacation and distribution the day over meaningful activities and quality time spending can help a lot in releasing the pressure of your head and allowing your child to take optimum advantage of the holiday season.