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Teaching Manners To Kids – A Few Tips

If you want your kids to be well mannered grown-ups and pass the same to their kids, then the time to teach them manners is well at grass root level only. It’s only when they are kids that you need to do the task. Be it simple manners like saying please, thank you, sorry and so on, to greeting people on meeting them, from table manners to manners around public behavior, it needs to be done so that your kids turn out to be civilized human beings when they grow up.

Teaching Manners To Kids

Off course, it’s not a cakewalk! Here’s run down a few tips to help you sail through the process with a bit of ease.

First things first, preaching your children will never ever work. It’s like putting your point across the ears, in from one and out from the other. So, try to put your point across in a way that it reaches them and stays with them.

As per the director of Emily Post Institute, Peggy post, who also is a writer of umpteen books on etiquette, storytelling method for teaching them manners is a very good idea that does work. Kids are fond of fairy tales, stories of kings, queens, and battles to name a few. You may use these people and weave stories around them to teach them how to greet others, wear clothes and behave, etc.

Patricia Tice, Ph.D. and a business etiquette expert uses the sing a song method to teach etiquettes to her little toddlers’ clients. The songs they sing help them learn manners. So, they sing and learn simultaneously.

Now, for example, you want your kids to learn some table manners like holding the spoon, saying please and thank you, a rehearsal session at home could work well. Off-course with a catch viz. if the kids pass the rehearsal, they would get a reward like dinner at one of their favorite restaurants at the end of the week. This small and smart ideas definitely work well with kids so do rewards if used well and in control.

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Are You Game To Watch The Moon Landing Of Chandrayaan 2 With Prime Minister Of India?

As the Chandrayaan 2 is inching closer towards its landing date of September 6, 2019 on the moon, there is curiosity and excitement building up over the monumental day. ISRO has already released the first pictures of Earth sent by Chandrayaan 2 using its L4 camera. Apparently, as per ISRO the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is going to watch the landing of Vikram lander on the Chandrayaan 2 live in Bengaluru with select students of Class 8th to 10th class. Well, to grab this opportunity you need to be a student studying in class 8, 9 or 10 and crack the quiz contest by ISRO.

Join with PM India watch Chandrayan2 on moon

Two students from each state will get this opportunity of watching the landing accompanied by none other than the Prime minister of India. The procedure to enter the contest is available on the website The quiz contest is to be held between August 10  and August 20, 2019. The objective primarily is to create awareness about space programs within the children of the country. Only Indian Citizens are eligible to participate in the contest where they will have to answer a maximum number of quiz questions to win this once in a blue moon chance. The quiz has around 20 questions that have to be answered within 5 minutes. The participant has to answer all questions in the shortest time duration.

Meanwhile, the fourth and fifth orbit-raising maneuver has been successfully completed and by the time you are reading this, the sixth maneuver scheduled for August 6, 2019 would also have been completed.

The Chandrayaan 2 – was launched with the help of a heavy-lift rocket geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle – Mark III (GSLV MK III).

So, if you are up and excited to grab this opportunity, login to the website to know the details and register yourself for the contest dated August 10, 2019.

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Pets Relieve Exam Stress Of Students – A Report

Well, college and exams put together is the perfect recipe for stress amongst students. There have been cases of college dropouts due to stress and extreme ones include even suicidal thoughts or suicides due to the pressure of studies and clearing exams. There’s a bit of good news for students though. It’s about reducing exam stress by spending time with pet dogs or cats. Now, Who doesn’t like pets? But, did you know a study shows the psychological benefits of having pets at home? Yes, you read that right, a study has found that pets relieve exam stress and study-related pressures of students. The study was published in the AERA open journal that said, many universities have implemented programs like ‘pet your stress away’.

Pets Relieve Exam Stress Of Students

The study was based on a research involving 249 college students who were randomly divided into four groups. The first group got a chance to do hands-on interaction with pet cats and dogs for a duration of 10 minutes. In order to compare the results, the second group was just allowed to observe the first group petting animals. The third group, in turn, was shown a slide show of the animals that were petted and the last or fourth group was simply waitlisted. The students who waitlisted did so without having any stimuli like phone, book or more. To check for the results, the salivary cortisol samples of every participant was collected in the morning after they woke up and the data was crunched.

The results did show that the students who interacted with pets showed a reduction in stress levels because there was a visible reduction in cortisol hormones causing stress. Even if the time they spent with kids was as less as 10 minutes, it worked in reducing stress as per researchers. The objective of the research was to find out whether this kind of exposure would help in stress reduction by reducing hormone secretion related to stress. This paves the way to utilizing the same for benefitting mental health over a period of time.

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General Anxiety Disorders In Kids (GAD)

It’s not just the adults, but even children suffer from an anxiety disorder or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). A child suffering from anxiety disorder will be worrying a lot about one thing or the other. Be it relationships with friends, family issues, marks in class, sports performance and more.

Anxiety up to a certain level is alright but if anxiety is consistent and keeps on increasing and spreading across areas of life, its time to consult a doctor for the same. Your child could be suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

It is known that between 5% and 10% of the people suffer from anxiety disorders and its more common with kids having ADHD.

General Anxiety Disorders In Kids


Kids with generalized anxiety disorders experience too much of fear or worries often to an immense extent. As a result they are not able to concentrate, are restless, fatigued and suffer from frequent urination, stomach aches as well as sleep difficulties.

The stress and tension are of chronic nature and do interfere and affect various areas as well as the quality of their life.

At times even the child might be able to understand the excessive anxiety issues, but might not be able to control or manage it.


One of the criteria around the diagnosis of GAD is, the experience needs to last for around six months at least. A trained mental health practitioner will assess the child and work with the child around his/ her anxiety disorders.

Well, apparently GAD is more likely to affect children who have undergone challenging situations in life or have been maltreated are at a higher risk of GAD. Challenges like humiliation, cruelty, and abandonment are a few triggers that already affect adults, then children would obviously be, isn’t it? Even puberty could bring in stressors besides consistent difficulties in relationships socially as well as frustrations and school performance issues as well. Treatment plans are based on diagnosis and differ from individual to individual.

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Should My Child Use A Cell Phone?

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives, and we cannot deny this fact or even ignore it. Children just like adults are becoming slaves to these little gadgets. There’s been a lot of debate on whether kids should be given cells phones or not. Obviously, considering the tender age and the exposure a cell phone can give to your child, it is a matter of concern. While there are parents who want their kids to carry cell phones only for security concerns, there’s the flip side to it which does matter a lot. So, how do we decide whether we should be giving cell phones to our children or not. Apparently, parents who consider to give cell phones to their children at the age of 8 -10 years, have to keep a few points in mind. Here’s a run through some of the points to consider, so as to ensure safe and responsible handling of cell phone.

Should My Child Use A Cell Phone

  1. Avoid giving your child a smart phone if your objective is safety of the child only.

  2. If you provide a cell phone set limitations for the use of it.

  3. Ensure that your kid cannot download any games or obscene content

  4. Be aware of the passwords they set

  5. Take away the phone once the child is at home, if not at least 1 hour before bedtime

  6. Understand that your child will observe you and learn, so be a good role model

  7. Lock the sites that have adult content

  8. Talk to your children about it

  9. Set limits with the usage of screen

  10. Monitor their usage by using apps that help

Try to understand your child and his/her cognitive capabilities. Consider the maturity levels of the child and then come to a conclusion on – if it would be a good idea to give the cell phone to your child at that age. There are children with ADHD behaviors who aren’t able to handle cell phones with responsibility. You may decide on the basis of your own experiences with the child and the responsibility.

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Top 5 Story Books Your Children Must Read Before Teenage

If you want to make your children intelligent read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”.

These are words of the quintessential modern genius, none other than Albert Einstein. Very rightly so, fairy tales and stories tend to accelerate the growth of the human mind in infancy and early years. They fuel the imagination of children and make them believe in the extraordinary feat the human mind is capable of achieving.

Another similar quote around fairy tales is one of Neil Gaiman– “Fairy tales are more than true not because they tell us that dragons exist but because they tell us that dragons can be defeated.”

So, here’s a list of 10 fairy tales/stories that your child needs to have in his/ her collection.

Jungle Book


  1. Jungle Book – This book is a truckload of adventures and inventions and is an apt choice to spark and fuel the imagination of your kid. Written by Rudyard Kipling it’s a story of a boy called Mowgli raised by wolves in the woods and his fight with the king of the jungle tiger Sher Khan.

  2. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Listed in one to the greatest books to have and penned by Mark Twain, the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is the story of a rebel and runaway slave who seeks liberation.

    The Lie Tree– Awarded as the winner of overall Cost book Awards recently, it’s a true original and the lead female character of this book could be an apt role model for children while the book a great addition to their collection.

  1. Toms Midnight Garden – Written by Philippa Pearce, it’s a story about a kid who goes to stay with his uncle and aunt, but things take a different turn as the clock strikes 13. He finds himself in a little garden with a little girl who comes from a different time zone. This book is sure to leave an impression of a lifetime and is considered to be one of the finest works of children’s literature.

  1. Matilda by Roal Dahl – Though there are many books by Roald Dahl which need to be in the must-read list, Matilda is one of the more special ones, for the imaginative capabilities are on full throttle in this emotionally compelling and overwhelming story of a little girl and her struggle for love and escape.

There are umpteen books that your children should read before teenage and the above are just a few of them. Have you made reading a habit for your little ones yet!

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The Right Breakfast For An Energized Start Of The Day For Kids

Present day, nuclear families and working parents is a common picture when you look around. Parents are also more concerned about their children and inspite of their busy schedules and time unavailability they want to give their children the best. Though, many parents aren’t really aware about what could be the ideal breakfast for their kids. Due to hectic time schedules people do prefer bread, cereals and many ready-made or instant recipes for kids. But, are they really as healthy as they claim to be. Fitness expert ‘Rujuta Divekar’ has a slightly different take on breakfast for kids. Through her book ‘notes for healthy kids’ and their parents, she explains how ancient or traditional Indian breakfast is far more healthy compared to the instant breakfast. Here’s a run-down a few tips around healthy breakfast for kids.

The Right Breakfast For An Energized Start Of The Day For Kids

Avoid Packaged Food – Primarily, the food that is free from any kind of preservatives as in packaged food needs to be avoided altogether even if it is cereals, bread or juice. Packaged stuff is loaded with preservatives and high on sugar as well as emulsifiers, to name a few. Infact, they do more harm to health than benefit.

Eat Homely Food – India has a rich and varied tradition when it comes to food. Recipes like Upma, Poha, Dosa, Idli, Paratha, Thepla, Khakra are known to be one of the most-healthy options if prepared at home. Breakfast being the most important meal of the day needs to be filling because it helps you work throughout the day and stay energized. These foods do just that against packaged foods. You may add fresh thoroughly washed fruits and dry fruits alongside milk if you’re in a hurry burry rather than opting for packaged food like bread, cereals, etc.

Avoid Plastic – From plastic food containers to plastics, sliver foil wrapping and water bottles, cutlery we use plastic everywhere. Plastic and aluminum foils are quite harmful to health. In the ancient times Indian used metals like silver, copper, bronze, brass for eating. Apparently, that’s the way it should be. Using metal containers and thalis apparently helps in protection of food against bacterial and viral infections. The alternative cost effective solution is glass if silver ware or other metal is expensive to get.

Gadget Free eating time – When you eat food you need to concentrate a bit on it. You need to feel the flavors to savor it and ultimately to understand your actual food requirement as well. When we are hooked to television or gadget, we go on hogging and never really understand how much food we need or would be enough. You can definitely get an answer to your requirement if you concentrate on food. There is a hormone in stomach called leptin, responsible for sending a signal to stomach once the stomach is full. But, to catch the signal you need to be attentive.

Eat together – Last but not the least, adding a dash of love makes food tastier isn’t it. So, top your food with love and see how it works positively with the health of your member. Make it a point to have atleast one meal together with family even if you have a packed schedule. Find out that quality time and enjoy food together with your family.

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No Homework For Class 1 And 2 – Strict Action If Violation Occurs

The Karnataka Department of Primary and Secondary education has released a circular stating strict action against those schools who violate this order by canceling their affiliation. The circular states “For students of Class 1 and 2, no homework should be given. Schools must only provide textbooks prescribed by the NCERT for Classes 1 to 5. If any schools found violating these, then the affiliation of such schools will be at risk”. The circular was issued because the Karnataka Department of Primary and Secondary Education is suspicious that many schools are already violating the rule and hence has issued the circular in order to curb this violation.

no-home work

The reason that the board is suspicious about violation is that when the first order was issued regarding not giving homework to grade I and grade II students, there was no mention of affiliation being at risk in case of violation or any other penalty. Hence, the chances of violation were more and had come to the notice of the Karnataka board as well. The department has also undertaken the task of keeping a check with the help of special vigilance teams, for monitoring the schools and carrying out random surprise checks on schools.

The department official also mentioned that there was a reason why the decision of not giving homework to students of government schools was taken. Primarily, the parents of these children have no time to spare and tend to their children’s studies. Secondly, the idea was to also focus on extra-curricular activities which children can indulge when home. Play is as much important as is education, which can be done in school for kids of Grade I and Grade II. The department had also issued another order for Grade I and Grade II earlier wherein, every third Saturday had to be declared as ‘no bag’ day and the books issued to children not exceed 100 pages.

The authorities also mentioned that they did receive complaints from parents about violation of the orders issued and hence, the decision to attach affiliation cancelation penalty to schools.

Well, this decision does sound good as academics is not the only way as far as development of kids is concerned, a holistic approach is a better way for sure as it looks into the overall development of children and not just academics.

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How To Protect Your Kids Against Sunburn And Sun Damage?

Skin exposure to UV rays can put you at the risk of skin cancer. Apparently, as per a study, the exposure of sun burn of damage caused during childhood can not only forecast the possibility of skin cancer but even increase the risk of the most dangerous one called melanoma by 80 percent in adulthood. Also, on an average around 60 to 80 percent of the sun exposure happens before you complete 18 years of age. Well, skin cancer can be prevented by taking care of sun exposure during childhood days. So, how do you protect your children from the sun during summer?

Protect Your Kids Against Sunburn

Protecting Infants – Babies or infants are known to have the most sensitive skin, that too under 6 months of age even more. The preliminary solution is to avoid taking infants in the sun for a long time, particularly in the afternoon. Even if you have to for some reason, take care that the infant ain’t exposed to direct sunlight by providing shade or shelter to them. You may either use a comforter to wrap around or take help of natural shade of the trees. Even UV protective tents is a good idea if you are out on a picnic or something where there is maximum possibility of exposure to sunlight.

Commuting – While commuting in a Car or on a two wheeler ensure that the toddler or child is protected from the UV rays. For protect children while in the car, you may use protective shields for the windows as the harmful UV rays can reach the child through them. Shields offering upto UPF 30 protection are available in the market already. You might as well go for them.

Toddlers and Kids – At this age, using a sun block or suns cream for protection against sun damage might not be enough. Using comfortable clothes that repel heat, sunglasses as well as caps can help the cornea safe. As per experts using sunglasses that offer 100 percent UV protection against UV rays.

Well, precaution is always better they say, and when it comes to skin cancer the study already reveals that exposure to sun in childhood does increase the risk of cancer, hence it is advisable that you take every care possible to avoid unnecessary skin exposure and damage to skin.

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How To Choose A Safe And Sound Day Care For Your Little One

With more and more families in India getting nuclear and with generally both the spouses working, the only alternative place for kids after school is day care. Again, with news of daycares not taking proper care of kids, considering a few serious episodes, finding a reliable day care where your kids can be safe and sound does require you to do some serious quality checks as a parent. In India, you can choose between home based day care and private day care. Home based day cares usually are run at home and have few children. Private daycare can have many children and is run by schools and are more structured as compared to home based ones. The recent addition to day cares has been workplace daycares. These are daycares at the place of work of parents, making it easier for them to keep a check on their babies or toddlers. In the recent past, a lot of incidences have cropped up that has compelled parents to review the daycare from safety point of view thoroughly before choosing one. Here’s a run-down a few tips around selecting a day care that’s a safe haven for your child.

How To Choose A Safe And Sound Day Care For Your Little One

Safety & Security – Safety and security is the most important and primary concern for all parents. Do visit the day care personally and don’t just go by word of mouth. Security checks include checking for gates and compound walls done properly so that the kids has not chance of exiting without knowledge with security guards in a sufficient number. Check if they have CCTV provisions. Check if all the electrical points are covered and the bathrooms are suitable for toddlers. Check if the swimming pool is either covered for gated so that the possibility of accidents is reduced to minimum.

License & MorePrivate daycares need to get themselves registered and have a license. Do check if they are licensed while issuing a license the day care needs to have ticks on a lot of requirement check boxes that includes proper infrastructure, quality and hygiene check, staff background checks, emergency procedures and care to name a few.

Food and Hygiene – Health and hygiene preliminary concerns hence do check for the quality of food offers and hygiene like cleanliness in the premises, toys and play equipment are cleaned and washed properly, drinking water and the refrigerators, beds and play area as well, if possible.

Activities – The daycare needs to engage children as keeping them ideal won’t help with their development. Hence, do check if the day care offers adequate physical, social and creative activities.

Do check for reviews and ratings of the day care online and ask friends and people you know who have their kids in the respective daycare.

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