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Reading NighTime Stories Loudly To Children

If you put your children into the habit of reading bedtime stories through their infancy they are more likely to be avid readers because it’s likely to become a part of their lifestyle.

Once they are into the drill of hearing stories on a daily basis, they will want more and more. Well, that’s the magic of stories. But, while telling stories to your little ones, if you turn yourself into a story teller it surely makes a deeper connection. Just reading out a story is good but doing it with actions even better. The children feel connected and very much into the whole process. Well, additionally reading stories and that too loud comes with a lot of opportunities and benefits. Here’s run down a few of them.

Reading NighTime Stories Loudly To Children

Instills story reading – A daily dose of story reading can go a long way in forming a habit in your children and more so love for reading that they could carry along through their lives and never make them feel lonely.

Hones their Language skills – Reading helps in development and improvement of vocabulary and language skills. By the time they are around five to seven years, their mind is full of umpteen different words.

Helps talk on Sensitive Issues – As you get to spend more time with kids and bond with them, they tend to open up to you and it even makes way for talking on sensitive issues at school.

Bond as a Family – Reading every night to your child or children creates a culture where there’s dedicated time spend together as a family doing something. It also helps enhance and strengthen the bond.

Well, Albert Einstein has already made a point by saying “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

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This New Year And Decade, Reinvent Your Parenting Skills

As we step over into 2020, not only a brand new year but also a brand new decade, we’re all looking to make a fresh start and also work on things we’ve been wanting to but haven’t been able to for one reasons than many. Parenting is more of a process, a long and evolving one. So, this new season here are few tips on what you can change around your parenting skills

This New Year And Decade, Reinvent Your Parenting Skills

Spend Time – If you’re already being doing it, that’s great. If not you need and it does not mean that you watch television together. It is about spending quality time together. About taking a walk together or playing a game or reading together.

Avoid Rewarding – We always tend to offer lucrative rewards as parents to children many a times to get them doing what we want like getting good marks, or winning a quiz or race. But, ideally this is not the way to do it. It is not only a burden on you in terms of money but you are also putting your child into a habit or raised expectations from you. Occasional gifts are fine none the less.

Avoid Punishments – It’s common for parents to get angry when kids do not listen or throw tantrums of do something wrong. Many of us resolve such matter either by giving time outs or punishments. A better idea is to make them understand that what they did wasn’t acceptable and should not be repeated.

Avoid Anger – Children observe elders and imitate them. So, if you want your child to be calm in anger, you need to do that too.

Well, this new year ring in the new and ring out the old, change yourself first and see the change in your children.

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5 fun activities for your children in Christmas

Christmas holidays are just around the corner and most parents are searching out for ways to keep their children particularly preschoolers engaged with fun and interesting activities so that they do not mess around or take a toll on them. The good news is there is not one but umpteen activities that could help you manage your children with ease during the winter vacations.


Here’s a run down few –


Board Games – Its winter, and outdoor is a good idea but if you want to have some indoor fun than board games is a great idea. Be it snakes and ladders, ludo, business or games like carom and chess, board games can be your sure saviors for long hours. Most of the children love them and would immediately agree to participate. More so if they see you are their company they would be more than happy to do so.

Creative Activities – Creative activities be it sketching, drawing, painting, clay or sand modelling or even craft, these activities not only keep your kids occupied but also get their creative juices churning. Lego is also one such activity which you could together and create brilliant stuff through imagination.

Cooking – Cooking is another indoor activity that could be fun and an opportunity to bond with your children. Be it without fire or with your help, cooking could in itself could be self-satisfying for children and adults as well.


If your kid is more of an outdoor child, there’s a load of activities you could do with them. Play Badminton, cricket or soccer. Go swimming or bicycling or skating. Burn your and kid’s calories and have lots of fun with them.

Go visit a nearby museum or planetorium , a park or some nearby fair to have fun with your kids as well. Spend time together and bond as vacations are the best times to do so other than occupying them into various indoor and outdoor activities mentioned earlier.

Happy Vacations!

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Dealing With Diarrhea In Preschoolers In Winter – Few Tips

Even though diarrhea is common in infants and toddlers and viral, bacterial or parasites could the reasons. But, if your child gets diarrhea during winters one of the most common virus causing this condition could be Rota virus. Some of the symptoms of diarrhea in winter include vomiting, water stools and increased need to drink water.

The cause of diarrhea due to Rota virus is due to the use of contaminated food or water. This could in-turn lead to dehydration and and electrolyte imbalance. If care is not taken it could lead to life threatening conditions like kidney injury or renal failure. This Rota Virus caused diarrhea is also known as stomach flu.

Antibiotics are not available for viral diarrhea and hence if the dehydration is more, hospitalization becomes necessary and immediate. Zinc syrup can help reduce the frequency of viral diarrhoea as well as further attack. Here are few tips on stomach flu and dealing with diarrhea.

Dealing With Diarrhea In Preschoolers In Winter

  1. Hydration – The primary step is to keep your child hydrated continuously by feeding water, milk or ORS which is a concoction of water, sugar and salt. If your child takes fruit juices or soup, go enough. Medicine do not work for diarrhea so do not use without consultation of your doctor.

  2. Diet – Keeping feeding the child regular diet you do but just divide them in smaller meals. Also add some salty foods like soup and pretzels. Foods like Baked poultry, cooked eggs, bananas, bread and pasta, cereals, cooked vegetables, rice, etc is a good idea. Just that when giving milk use low fat milk as it is easy to digest.

  3. Avoid – Avoid giving them fried foods, processed or fast foods, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

To prevent diarrhoea make it a habit in your child and adults to make hand washing a habit and vaccinate your kid also. Proper oral hygiene as well and keep your kids warm across the winter.

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Taking Care Of Child’s Braces – An Overview

It’s not a new that it ain’t easy to ask a kid to take care of their own teeth. Furthermore, if they have braces it’s even more difficult. Here are few tips on taking care of your child’s braces if he or she has one.

Taking Care Of Child’s Braces


  1. Before brushing your child’s teeth you need to remove the elastic or rubber bands around the braces.
  2. Us a soft bristled or power tooth brush to clean the teeth under the wires as well as the gums
  3. Brush slowly and gently tooth by tooth in circular and back and forth motion
  4. Brush the teeth at an angle of 45 degree where the gums and teeth meet
  5. Rinse properly so that all the food particles are removed.


Oral routine mostly involves brushing teeth twice a day to the maximum. But one of the important teeth care routines include flossing daily. Using a floss threader in order to pull it out from under the braces is a good idea. Another good alternative is trying out thin interdental cleaning brushes.


Cleaning braces isn’t as easy as cleaning teeth so better to avoid eating foods that damage your braces or make cleaning a task. Hence avoid hard candies and sticky food so as to keep your braces away from harm’s way and do away with cleaning hassles.


Braces need to be adjusted on a regular basis and hence you need visiting a dentist is important. Due to adjustments, you may experience pain or discomfort for some time. So, you need to brush teeth carefully and if you find any kind of damage you need to check it up with a dentist.

Following dental routines properly could help you manage your childs braces efficiently and avoid damage to them.

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Add Millets To Your Kids Diet – The Ancient Wonder Grain

Millet, food that is not usually a regular part of our diet needs apparently is one of the wonder foods in the food ecosystem. It plays a significant role in the development and growth of a child. It is loaded with proteins, calcium, iron, phosphorous beside being a rich source of fibre.

Known as Jowar or Shorgum in India, millets are high in anti-oxidents and unsaturated fats besides the aforementioned nutrients. While Raagi or finger millet is a rich in iron and calicium, Kora or foxtail millet is known to have the highest mineral content amongst all millet kinds.

Add Millets To Your Kids Diet

Pearl millet or bajra is a rich source of protein and is also known to be six times more nutritious when compared to wheat. Barnyard millet or sanwa is known to have the highest iron and fibre content amongst all millets.

The health benefits that these variety of millets bring in include –

  1. High fibre content helps in digestion

  2. High calcium helps keeps bones healthy and prevent anemia

  3. Helps in childs muscle development

  4. Helps in prevention of anemia as well as constipation

Also known as the ancient grain, it is a definite yes in your childs diet chart because it is gluten free. Apparently, its good for adults as well and particularly people who are looking to drop weight because one cup full of millet consists of only over 200 calories including dietary fibre, over 6 gm protein and less than 2 gms of fat. The essential vitamins like pathothenic acid, Vitamin B6, C , E and K as well as folate, niacin and riboflavin are already present in millets.

Being high in fibre millet always help in lowering the bad cholesterol of the body and boosts the good cholesterol of the body. Apparently every 100 gm millet serving has 9 gm of fibre.

Perhaps, you need to add millet varieties to your child’s food chart without a doubt now.

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Why Is Unstructured Play Important For Kids

In today’s times when parents are very much concerned about over all development and even schools offer a holistic approach, structured activities have somehow replaced unstructured or free play for children. Ask parents if their child gets to play, most of them have the excuse of no time available due to study or structured play where kids learn sports like skating, badminton, tennis and more.

Why Is Unstructured Play Important For Kids

Even traditional preschools and kindergartens are into more of structured activities or play and more of indoor ones that too. But a recent study carried out at San Diego State University by Jean Twenge has revealed that there has been a rise in the rates of depression and anxiety in children during the past half a decade. This is due to the lack of unstructured play as well as recreation in kids. The almost wipe away of unstructured play in schools as well as hope has led to children scoring well in exams but increasing levels of anxiety.

Free play forms and integral part of child development. It allows them to explore their own interests and develop them and decreasing social disorders or depression. So how do you use the available time for play that’s not only fun but relaxing and beneficial too? Here are few tips.

  1. Play is Fun – Don’t treat unstructured play very seriously like you do for study or structured play even though it is important to include it in daily activities of your child. Let the time just flow by its own and allow your child to take charge of the same and have a good time playing.

  2. Praise honestly and frequently – Children need some boosting every now and then. It’s motivates them to make new friends, play and try new things too.

  1. Use creative toys – While playing make sure you provide a generous supply of brushes, paints, crayons, clay and more to your kids so they can explore, engage and have a great time.

  1. Do not pressurize - Forcing children in situations they aren’t comfortable with is not a good idea so while into play just let them be and supervise them.

  1. Music and play – Music inspires your imaginative and creative thinking so when playing you might as well play the favorite album of children or let them decide what they want to play.


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Kids Under 6 Years Age Should Drink Only Milk And Water As Per A New Guideline

It’s a known fact that infants need to be fed over mother’s milk for first six months and upto 2 years. A new guideline from the nutrition research group of American Heart Association, called Healthy Eating Research in their do’s and don’t’s for kids diet mentioned the need for drinking milk and water for infants and toddlers below 5 years of age.

Kids Under 6 Years Age Should Drink Only Milk And Water

As per their guidelines children below the age of six months need to be fed only on breast or formula milk and water should be given only after seven months.

For infants who are given mothers milk or are fed on formula milk could be given cows milk as well once they are one year old.

The doctors conducting research around toddlers nutrition and diet also said that toddlers need to be fed only milk and water uptil the age of 5 years. Sweetened beverages or products with artificial sweeteners like chocolate shakes etc should not be given to children. They should be kept away from processed food too. Even formulas as well as powders should be avoided. If your kids are provided with juices then it should be less than one glass as less is better.

As per the researchers these guidelines are easy to follow not only for the parents but also help in preventing obesity in children. As such, it’s a fact that childhood obesity is gaining momentum across the world and sugary and processed foods are definitely the root cause.

Apparently kids develop food and drink choices at a young age. So, it is essential to put them into habits of eating healthy food early on so that the same food becomes their lifestyle later on when they grow older.

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All You Need To Know About Article 21 A

The act Article 21 (A) was included in the constitution in the year 2002 and is about the fundamental and free right of children in the age group six to fourteen years. Though it was brought into force from April 1, 2010. Free education as per the RTE act is that every child except the one admitted to school by parent has the right to full time free elementary education of satisfactory and equitable quality in a school formally as per the standards and specifications that are essential.

All You Need To Know About Article 21 A

Lets look through the highlights of act

  1. It is the fundamental right of children in the age group of 6-14 years to get elementary school education in the nearby schools

  2. Provision for students who don’t take admission in schools to be given admission

  3. Clarification about the term compulsory education meaning the government is obligated to take the responsibility of providing free elementary education with compulsory admission, attendance as well as completion of the same for every child mentioned in the above age group.

  4. Even the duties as well as responsibilities of the parents, local authorities and mainly government are also specified in detail around compulsory elementary education, its finances and the responsibilities of State and Central Government.

  5. The prohibitions are also listed and include screening procedures for children, capitation fee, mental harassment as well as private tuition fee.

  6. The constitution also has provision for curriculum development as per constitutions consonance ensuring all round development, child knowledge development and talent building as well as helping the child be free from trauma, fear as well as anxiety.

Well, this initiative has definitely taken India a step forwards in ensuring a rights based framework puts a legal obligation on the Central as well as state governments to implement this policy as per RTE act.


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Involving Kids In Household Chores

Many of the parents today are very much concerned about their children development. One reason being that these days parents have only one or maximum two children and because mostly both work they aren’t really able to spend much time with children. Hence, out of love and guilt to an extent they want to do the best they can otherwise. So, many parents pamper their children a lot and rarely involve them into household chores. But, involving your kids into household chores that they can manage is apparently a good idea.

Here are a few reasons why involving kids in household chores is definitely useful in their overall development.

Involving Kids In Household Chores

  1. Team Spirit – When you involve kids in household work they learn team work.

  2. Responsibility – By giving them a task they become responsible for the task and see to it that it’s completed. It also makes them competent.

  3. Satisfaction – The satisfaction they get on completion of a task assigned to them actually motivates them to do household chores with interest over a period of time.

  4. Stress bust – Working together with your family is fun and a stress buster too. It’s a time to bond together also

  5. Finish fast – When household chores are done together they get done faster and that time could be utilized for doing fun activities together

  6. Caring – Involving your child into house hold chores is about training him indirectly into caring for their family

Well, an older child can definitely choose his or her own tasks. But, motivation from your end is imperative so that the child is eager or interested to get involved in household chores. You may talk to your about the chores they ‘d like to do and also the why it is great when a particular task assigned to them is done. So, make a weekly plan and ask your child for his her choices and when done praise them or give them small rewards like extra playtime or so.

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