5 signs of stomach ache that could be serious in kids

Stomach ache is a common problem in kids but to know if its just another stomach ache or there is an undercover serious issue you need to see the signs. Here are few signs you could look far to understand whether the stomach ache your child is having is or serious nature or is just another routine stomach ache that would go away soon.

Stomach Aches

  1. Green Vomit – If your child’s vomit is green it indicates that the intestines are blocked. Hence if your kid has a stomach ache accompanied by green or yellowish green vomit, it’s a sign not to be ignored.

  2. Blood in Vomit – While blood in stool at times could be a result of constipation, blood in vomit could be a sign of serious infection, intestinal issue or inflammatory bowel disease.

  3. Fever and bad cough – Stomach ache could also be caused due to Pneumonia. There are many viruses that could cause stomach ache alongside cough but if the child shows symptoms of fever, fast breathing along with cough, take it as a serious health issue.

  4. Pain while urinating – If the child complains of stomach ache alongside pain during peeing, it could be a sign of urinary tract infection.

  5. Dizziness and face swelling – If your child is less active than usual and sleepy besides having a swelled up face it could be a sign of a serious allergic reaction. Its emergency of sorts, so good idea to contact the doctor immediately.

Well, there are many more signals that point to serious kinds of conditions with stomach ache symptoms. So, before you ignore a stomach ache to be just a routine ache, do watch out for the signals and take necessary and prompt action to be sure enough from your end.

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