Reading NighTime Stories Loudly To Children

If you put your children into the habit of reading bedtime stories through their infancy they are more likely to be avid readers because it’s likely to become a part of their lifestyle.

Once they are into the drill of hearing stories on a daily basis, they will want more and more. Well, that’s the magic of stories. But, while telling stories to your little ones, if you turn yourself into a story teller it surely makes a deeper connection. Just reading out a story is good but doing it with actions even better. The children feel connected and very much into the whole process. Well, additionally reading stories and that too loud comes with a lot of opportunities and benefits. Here’s run down a few of them.

Reading NighTime Stories Loudly To Children

Instills story reading – A daily dose of story reading can go a long way in forming a habit in your children and more so love for reading that they could carry along through their lives and never make them feel lonely.

Hones their Language skills – Reading helps in development and improvement of vocabulary and language skills. By the time they are around five to seven years, their mind is full of umpteen different words.

Helps talk on Sensitive Issues – As you get to spend more time with kids and bond with them, they tend to open up to you and it even makes way for talking on sensitive issues at school.

Bond as a Family – Reading every night to your child or children creates a culture where there’s dedicated time spend together as a family doing something. It also helps enhance and strengthen the bond.

Well, Albert Einstein has already made a point by saying “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.

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