Watching Parents Buried on Their Smartphones is Depressing Ain’t It?

The writer of the popular book ‘Graffalo’, definitely feels so. Julia Donaldson has expressed serious concern over parents being hooked to their smartphones or tablets once they are home from work. See the irony, parents themselves complain of their kids being hooked to gadgets but they should know that children only pick-up the behavior of their parents. It’s the parents who find the easy way out by handing over smart phones or tablets to their kids in order to pacify them. Books are just off the table these days when it comes to spending time with kids. It’s just about either watching TV with them or a video or playing video games. Books are rarely in the picture. A kid starts throwing tantrum and what does the parent who has just returned from office after a complete day’s work do? Hand over the smart phone to the kid! So, as far as blaming your kids for being addicted to gadgets is concerned, it’s not the kids that are responsible for this, its prima facie the parents themselves. As per this writer, inculcating the reading habit in your child is solely the responsibility of the parent.

Watching Parents Buried on Their Smart Phones

So, what could be a solution to this issue because the concern of this notable writer does make sense enough to ponder upon?

Well, a simple idea could be to create a no gadget zone inside the house or may be gadget free hours. This time could be the time when no family member is allowed to use any gadget and everyone sits together and reads. Initially it is but natural to find this activity difficult, but once everyone is committed enough and gets into the habit it can go on to become an integral part of your lifestyle.

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Reading has immense benefits and can help your child transform into an amazing adult overtime. Reading is not only fun but a super exercise for the brain as it is a more complex task for the brain as compared to watching TV. It also helps kids improve on their concentration and focus skills besides helping them with their language and vocab. Reading helps children enhance their imagination because while reading they tend to visualize as well.

It’s also a great way to bond together as a family, just like having meals together. So, this new year 2019 make it a habit to switch off your gadgets for a few hours every single day and instead spend that valuable time reading alongside your kids. Do this for some time and see the difference for yourself.

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