Tips on Teaching Discipline to Kids Who Have Spitting Habit

Many of you might be facing this problem of your preschoolers, toddlers and 5-6 years old spitting around. This is not only embarrassing for the parents but disgusting or kids or elders they do to. This problem is a result of lot many factors. Let us discuss about the reasons and the tips on discipline kids with their spitting habits.

Why to kids Spit?
This is one curious question that parent of every kids that spits want to know. Again, the fact is that there is no one single reason behind a kid spitting. Some spit for fun as they feel it’s entertaining for them and they feel it’s the same for others around as well. Some toddlers want to garner attention in some way or the other and hence spit to get it. It could be attention or reaction, either way. Some kids use it as a self defense tactic. When they don’t want any other child to touch their stuff or use it, they spit in self defense. Kids who are older are known to spit to show their defiance about something. It’s a tactic they use to tell others not to control them. On a more serious instance, children with autism or special needs do spit as well. It is their method to gain control or express themselves across.

Tips on Teaching Discipline to Kids Who Have Spitting Habit

How to manage spitting issues of Children?
Be calm and composed – It’s obvious to get angry when you see your child spitting on others of even you. But, your child picks up what he sees in your behavior, so the more calm you stay the better. If it’s too much to take, simply walk away or out of the room. But, showing anger or cursing is not a good idea as the child can pick up the same habit.
Clear on unacceptability around Spitting – Make it crystal clear for the child that a habit or action like spitting is not acceptable at all. No need to give a lengthy lecture, you may keep it short but clear.

Ask the child to clean his spit – This idea could be quite helpful in reducing the habit because the child knows that if he or she spits, they’ll have to clean or wash it off. So, just to avoid that extra work they might have to do, it might just work.
Give your child a timeout – Timeouts do work on some and not on some others but if your child knows about time out then it would work in that case. Giving a time out helps children calm themselves down.

Rebate system – This system could help as well. For example if your kid spits on another kid ask your kid to lend their toy to that kid for a day.
Guide your child – You can help your child out with anger management and how to use words over spitting. Gradually your child will learn to manage his or her anger and calm self down.

Reward System – A reward system usually works. So, If you find that your this methodology could be used with your child. Keep a behavior chart for your child and keep it creative with stickers and stars and smileys a stuff. When your child abides by it, praise him or her and encourage. This can help the child get rid of the spitting habit.

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