Obesity Has Nothing To Do With Smartness in Kids – A Study

A Study carried out by a team of researchers at the University of Eastern Finland, had revealed that body fat or different levels of aerobic fitness had not effect on the cognitive abilities of a child. This study was carried out on 371 children in the age group of 6-8 years of age. The study further revealed that the boys with higher aerobic fitness levels faired poorer during the two year follow program on cognition as compared to their peers with lower fitness levels. The study also showed that boys having better motor skills were have a little increase in their cognitive skills as compared to those boys who had poor motor skills.

Obesity Has Nothing To Do With Smartness in Kids

Obese kids are as smart as their peers in areas associated with Motor competence, fitness and adiposity as well as cognition. Eero Haapla, A post-doctoral researcher from the university said that the results didn’t necessarily exhibit the casual relation between cognition and motor skills.

The study was published in the journal medicine and science in sports and exercise cognition as well as motor skills are associated with each other in boys yet the study is not enough proof to claim that motor skills boosts cognition.

Still obesity needs to be taken care of by parents, particularly child obesity. Another study around obesity has claimed that lack of sleep could be one of the reasons for childhood obesity. As per a new study from university of Warwick, the children who sleep for less than the recommended hours for children tend to become obese in the later years of their life. The study is based on meta-analysis of 75000 children from the age of 0 -18 years of age. The children who are deprived of sleep on a regular basis are 58% more likely to be obese or overweight. Attention issues are also linked with obesity hence children with ADHD also are at risk because their mind cannot be shut down instantly or easily as its buzzing continuously. Hence, sleep education to parents needs to be done in order to create the awareness around it and many associated side effects of the same.

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