Music Helps Improve The Auditory Skills of Hearing Impaired Says A Study

A recent study carried out by the researchers of the University of Helsinki, Finland as well as University College London have found – hobbies that include music and more so singing can benefit the children who are hearing impaired with cochlear implants. The lead author of this study Ritva-Torppa said that the children who are hearing impaired and have the cochlear implants and sing on a regular basis. Hence, children with hearing impairment can learn music and singing at home and also take help of the traditional Finnish musical play schools.

Music Helps Improve The Auditory Skills of Hearing

As per this expert communication skills as well as the ability to perceive speech in noise is of great significance in academics. Hence, all children need to pursue music but particularly hearing impaired children need to learn music, singing more so. Another expert who was supervising the study mentioned that even though musical hobbies have great significance they aren’t available to all. She also added that in her country Finland, they do have very high quality of music culture for children.

The study included participation of few children in musical sessions while some did not. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Music perception. The results as per researchers did imply that singing of parents is important. Huotilainen also suggested that the kids that are kept in day care should also be considered for the music sessions and said that as per her opinion music had to be used every day for support learning. She went on to explain how it gives children the possibility to enjoy music, singing and the benefits they bring, she explained.

Well, it is a known fact as on how music has worked wonders as a therapy in more ways than one and hence its use in helping hearing impaired kids does make sense.

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