No Homework For Class 1 And 2 – Strict Action If Violation Occurs

The Karnataka Department of Primary and Secondary education has released a circular stating strict action against those schools who violate this order by canceling their affiliation. The circular states “For students of Class 1 and 2, no homework should be given. Schools must only provide textbooks prescribed by the NCERT for Classes 1 to 5. If any schools found violating these, then the affiliation of such schools will be at risk”. The circular was issued because the Karnataka Department of Primary and Secondary Education is suspicious that many schools are already violating the rule and hence has issued the circular in order to curb this violation.

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The reason that the board is suspicious about violation is that when the first order was issued regarding not giving homework to grade I and grade II students, there was no mention of affiliation being at risk in case of violation or any other penalty. Hence, the chances of violation were more and had come to the notice of the Karnataka board as well. The department has also undertaken the task of keeping a check with the help of special vigilance teams, for monitoring the schools and carrying out random surprise checks on schools.

The department official also mentioned that there was a reason why the decision of not giving homework to students of government schools was taken. Primarily, the parents of these children have no time to spare and tend to their children’s studies. Secondly, the idea was to also focus on extra-curricular activities which children can indulge when home. Play is as much important as is education, which can be done in school for kids of Grade I and Grade II. The department had also issued another order for Grade I and Grade II earlier wherein, every third Saturday had to be declared as ‘no bag’ day and the books issued to children not exceed 100 pages.

The authorities also mentioned that they did receive complaints from parents about violation of the orders issued and hence, the decision to attach affiliation cancelation penalty to schools.

Well, this decision does sound good as academics is not the only way as far as development of kids is concerned, a holistic approach is a better way for sure as it looks into the overall development of children and not just academics.

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