How To Protect Your Kids Against Sunburn And Sun Damage?

Skin exposure to UV rays can put you at the risk of skin cancer. Apparently, as per a study, the exposure of sun burn of damage caused during childhood can not only forecast the possibility of skin cancer but even increase the risk of the most dangerous one called melanoma by 80 percent in adulthood. Also, on an average around 60 to 80 percent of the sun exposure happens before you complete 18 years of age. Well, skin cancer can be prevented by taking care of sun exposure during childhood days. So, how do you protect your children from the sun during summer?

Protect Your Kids Against Sunburn

Protecting Infants – Babies or infants are known to have the most sensitive skin, that too under 6 months of age even more. The preliminary solution is to avoid taking infants in the sun for a long time, particularly in the afternoon. Even if you have to for some reason, take care that the infant ain’t exposed to direct sunlight by providing shade or shelter to them. You may either use a comforter to wrap around or take help of natural shade of the trees. Even UV protective tents is a good idea if you are out on a picnic or something where there is maximum possibility of exposure to sunlight.

Commuting – While commuting in a Car or on a two wheeler ensure that the toddler or child is protected from the UV rays. For protect children while in the car, you may use protective shields for the windows as the harmful UV rays can reach the child through them. Shields offering upto UPF 30 protection are available in the market already. You might as well go for them.

Toddlers and Kids – At this age, using a sun block or suns cream for protection against sun damage might not be enough. Using comfortable clothes that repel heat, sunglasses as well as caps can help the cornea safe. As per experts using sunglasses that offer 100 percent UV protection against UV rays.

Well, precaution is always better they say, and when it comes to skin cancer the study already reveals that exposure to sun in childhood does increase the risk of cancer, hence it is advisable that you take every care possible to avoid unnecessary skin exposure and damage to skin.

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