How to Improve Eating Habits of Kids

Kids are known to be fussy eaters and moms always have had tough times managing their diet and more so improving their food habits. Though, there are many cases where kids are fond of food and ask for it on and off. These moms are one of the lucky ones, apparently. But, for those whose kids are very picky about food or refuse food, its tough and stressful at times.

How to Improve Eating Habits of Kids

Breakfast – One of the most important meals of the day, a breakfast is not just mandatory for adults but even for kids. After a long overnight fast its important that the kid has breakfast within half and hour of waking up.

Dairy Products – Just giving milk does not suffice. More the milk, more the kids fills filled up. Yes it is a vital part of Diet of a child but limit it in a way that it does not affect the kids food habits. So, including dairy products like paneer, cheese and yoghurt is rather a good idea. Yoghurt particularly is a must have becoz it improves appetite and helps in digestion.

Favorite Foods – Giving junk food is not beneficial in anyway to the kid but trying out the healthy options as per your kid’s favorites is a good idea. It motivates the kid to eat. For example if you kid likes puri, you may as well make a palak or methi poori, so that veggies are included.

Cook Smart – Most of the kids fuss about eating roti and veggies but as veggies need to go, we have to find a new way out. Be it making mix vegetable paratha, of mix veg idli or appam, vegetable sandwich you can cook recipes smartly that are tempting as well.

Sample Menu – Here is an example of the food routines for your kid. Keep it balanced and add a dash of motivation to allure your kid to it.

Breakfast – Egg, milk, veggie paratha or whole grain bread, wheat muffin, cheese
Mid Morning– 1 fruit or juice

Lunch – 2 servings of veggies with rice or chicken/fish, curd rice with fruit or curd with fruit

Evening – Any savory and milk

Dinner – Rice/ Roti with 2 veggies, 1 fruit

The menu can be altered across the week in order to keep the interest of the child and balance the nutrients intake as well.

Well, improving food habits of children is not a cake walk definitely but working smart with tons of patience on hand, you can possibly accomplish this daily mission almost successfully.

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