Meal Plan

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”, as the quote goes, a robust physical education program is vital to have a healthy body and only a healthy body can possesses an healthy mind as human physique and mind are inter related. Such programs help us to develop awareness about the necessity of leading an active life style for being in good health.

It is important for every child to have a healthy diet, during their growing up years. Children of our times are used to fast food as they are not aware of danger hiding behind it. Sometimes parents too are not aware of the negative effects the junk food can cause on our bodies. Hence, it is of prime importance for the parents to be aware of the right diet or right food habits, to educate their children to follow a healthy diet for the right kind of physical and mental development. In our school, the school dietician designs the weekly meal plan based on the inputs given by every parent about their child They assist parents and children in supporting healthy eating practice and counsel diet changes whenever it is required. Thus we follow a refined meal plan in our school to keep our children healthy and ready for the academic challenges.

Date Days Breakfast & Juice
09:30 a.m.
Lunch 1:00 p.m. Break
4:30 p.m.
1st WEEK  
01/11/2018 Thursday Holiday Holiday Holiday
02/11/2018 Friday Idly Sambhar Mushroom Biriyani + Raita + Sabhudan Keer Idly Fry and Milk
03/11/2018 Saturday Aloo Puri + Banana Aloo Bindi + Plain rice + Sambhar +Roti + Curd
2nd WEEK  
05/11/2018 Monday Bisibelebath + Boondi Raita Plain Rice + Sambhar + Butter Milk + Mixed Veg Chocos with Milk
06/11/2018 Tuesday Channa Bhatura Paneer Gravy + Puri + Moong dhal + Rice + Curd Healthy Sprout Bhel and Milk
07/11/2018 Wednesday Holiday Holiday Holiday
08/11/2018 Thursday Holiday Holiday Holiday
09/11/2018 Friday Idly Sambhar Vegetable Palow + Cucumber and Onion Raita + Keer Idly Fry and Milk
3rd WEEK  
12/11/2018 Monday Corn Poha + Water Melon Aloo Bindi + Plain rice + Sambhar + Butter Milk Chocos with Milk
13/11/2018 Tuesday Idly Sambhar Rajma masala +Puri + Plain Rice + Rasam + Curd Idly Fry and Milk
14/11/2018 Wednesday Corn Flakes + Bread & Jam + Papaya Palak Rice + Kadai Veg + Curd Bread and butter Sandwich
15/11/2018 Thursday Veg Pongal + Kurma Rice +Sambhar + Aloo Beans Fry + Butter milk Corn flakes with Milk
16/11/2018 Friday Aloo Puri + Halwa Veg Biriyani + Cucumber and onion raita + Keer Sweet Halwa and Milk
17/11/2018 Saturday Veg Cutlet + Bread & Jam + Banana Channa Palak + Plain Rice + Moong dhal + Curd
4th WEEK  
19/11/2018 Monday Vermecelli Upma + Chutney + Halwa Channa Masala + puri + Rice + Moong dhal + curd Chocos with Milk
20/11/2018 Tuesday Idly Sambhar Mixed Veg + Rice+ Sambhar + Butter Milk Idly Fry and Milk
21/11/2018 Wednesday Holiday Holiday Holiday
22/11/2018 Thursday Brown Bread + Chole + Badam Milk Plain Rice + Mixed dhal + Curd + Carrot Moong dhal Corn flakes with Milk
23/11/2018 Friday Idly Sambhar Paneer Biriyani + Onion & Cucumber raita + Keer Poha and Milk
5th WEEK  
26/11/2018 Monday Vegetable Upma + Chutney + Halwa Rice + Moong dhal + Curd + Channa little gourd fry Bread and butter Sandwich
27/11/2018 Tuesday Corn Flakes + Bread & Jam + Water Melon Carrot beans fry + Rice +Sambhar +Butter milk Corn flakes with Milk
28/11/2018 Wednesday Bisibelebath + Boondi Raita Aloo Mutter gravy + Puri + Rice + Moong dhal + Curd Sweet Halwa and Milk
29/11/2018 Thursday Idly Sambhar Kadai Veg + Plain Rice + Sambhar + Curd Idly Fry and Milk
30/11/2018 Friday Lemon Rice + Chutney + Water Melon Vegetable Biriyani + Cucumber and Onion raita + Keer Chocos with Milk