Teaching Your Kids to be Responsible

Teaching responsibility to kids isn’t a cake walk alright, but it is yet to be inculcated at grass root level so that they grow up to become disciplined human beings and citizens. Responsibility, the word however heavy it may sound, needs to be brought forward amongst children in way that it is something that is not a burden but something that gives happiness.

So, its not really about teaching your kids to take up their responsibility but to inculcate in them the values of team work and power of contribution. If we are supportive with them, and guide them through like torch bearers, kids can turnout to be responsible. Here are a few strategies you may put into practice to get the best out of them

Teaching Your Kids to be Responsible

I clean. My mess – Before you teach it to your child to be responsible you be responsible yourself. Its like asking a child to organise the toys he or she’s thrown around alongside you yourself arranging your desk or cupboard for that reason. Further you can also help your child with the cleaning work so that you are not

Offer a helping hand – Its not about the kid doing all his or her chores out of compulsion but more about being happy in cleaning up or organizing or contributing to the family. Even if you have to help out the child around twenty thirty times do it.

Let your child take decisions in difficulty – Many of us parents rush to our kids rescue when caught in difficulty

Accountability – Its again starts at home. You make promise to your child, you need to fulfil it. If you are not responsible then don’t expect it from the child.

Motivate. Don’t label – If you see your child is not doing the drill, don’t label him or her off as an irresponsible instead motivate and mould them to be responsible, to take care of their stuff and organization skills.

No Blame Games – Get the blaming each other crap out of your house. Instead inculcate team work. Blaming is the opposite of unconditional love. Therefore takeup a responsibility and do it. Your kid is following your foot steps and would definitely catch up.

As for toddlers you can give them charge of certain decisions like choosing how much to eat, options of eating, not more than two or three. This way they get a choice to decide and do up their responsibility as well.

Having said that, it’s not child’s play to mould your kids into responsible ones and requires a lot of patience, but with dedication it is possible to do so, for sure.

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