Dealing With Diarrhea In Preschoolers In Winter – Few Tips

Even though diarrhea is common in infants and toddlers and viral, bacterial or parasites could the reasons. But, if your child gets diarrhea during winters one of the most common virus causing this condition could be Rota virus. Some of the symptoms of diarrhea in winter include vomiting, water stools and increased need to drink water.

The cause of diarrhea due to Rota virus is due to the use of contaminated food or water. This could in-turn lead to dehydration and and electrolyte imbalance. If care is not taken it could lead to life threatening conditions like kidney injury or renal failure. This Rota Virus caused diarrhea is also known as stomach flu.

Antibiotics are not available for viral diarrhea and hence if the dehydration is more, hospitalization becomes necessary and immediate. Zinc syrup can help reduce the frequency of viral diarrhoea as well as further attack. Here are few tips on stomach flu and dealing with diarrhea.

Dealing With Diarrhea In Preschoolers In Winter

  1. Hydration – The primary step is to keep your child hydrated continuously by feeding water, milk or ORS which is a concoction of water, sugar and salt. If your child takes fruit juices or soup, go enough. Medicine do not work for diarrhea so do not use without consultation of your doctor.

  2. Diet – Keeping feeding the child regular diet you do but just divide them in smaller meals. Also add some salty foods like soup and pretzels. Foods like Baked poultry, cooked eggs, bananas, bread and pasta, cereals, cooked vegetables, rice, etc is a good idea. Just that when giving milk use low fat milk as it is easy to digest.

  3. Avoid – Avoid giving them fried foods, processed or fast foods, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

To prevent diarrhoea make it a habit in your child and adults to make hand washing a habit and vaccinate your kid also. Proper oral hygiene as well and keep your kids warm across the winter.

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