Taking Care Of Child’s Braces – An Overview

It’s not a new that it ain’t easy to ask a kid to take care of their own teeth. Furthermore, if they have braces it’s even more difficult. Here are few tips on taking care of your child’s braces if he or she has one.

Taking Care Of Child’s Braces


  1. Before brushing your child’s teeth you need to remove the elastic or rubber bands around the braces.
  2. Us a soft bristled or power tooth brush to clean the teeth under the wires as well as the gums
  3. Brush slowly and gently tooth by tooth in circular and back and forth motion
  4. Brush the teeth at an angle of 45 degree where the gums and teeth meet
  5. Rinse properly so that all the food particles are removed.


Oral routine mostly involves brushing teeth twice a day to the maximum. But one of the important teeth care routines include flossing daily. Using a floss threader in order to pull it out from under the braces is a good idea. Another good alternative is trying out thin interdental cleaning brushes.


Cleaning braces isn’t as easy as cleaning teeth so better to avoid eating foods that damage your braces or make cleaning a task. Hence avoid hard candies and sticky food so as to keep your braces away from harm’s way and do away with cleaning hassles.


Braces need to be adjusted on a regular basis and hence you need visiting a dentist is important. Due to adjustments, you may experience pain or discomfort for some time. So, you need to brush teeth carefully and if you find any kind of damage you need to check it up with a dentist.

Following dental routines properly could help you manage your childs braces efficiently and avoid damage to them.

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