How To Help School Going Kids Sleep Better

We as parents are already aware of the importance of sleep for kids. Having said that, one problem that most parents usually have to face is sleep disturbance issues and sleep cycle issues of kids. The matter of concern here is that if these issues persist then it does affect their functioning socially as well as academically due to fatigue issues.

How To Help School Going Kids Sleep Better

A research carried out on school going children in the age group of 6 to 7 years in Australia include over 4500 children came to the conclusion that 22.5 percent of them had sleep issues. A pediatrician and senior research fellow at Melbourne’s Murdoch Children’s Research Institute at the Royal Children’s Hospital said that they were apparently surprised with the study because all the while they thought only baby sleep was a an issue.

These results further gave way to randomized controlled trial in 108 children of the first year school. Based on the results the Doctors said that in order improve the sleep habits it’s advisable to parents that they set a definite sleep routine for their kids. He also highlighted the fact that the major issue definitely was the screen time. Hence, the first step to improve your child’s sleep routines is to take away the screens from the bedrooms. Even if Parents themselves aren’t able to keep the screens away, trying to get children away from screen before sleep time is necessary.

As per one of the associate professors of McGill University, sleep is a very important part of daily life of kids. When at school they have to be attentive in class and follow whatever instructions have been given to them. So, inadequate sleep does affect many different aspects of their academic performance. A study of 7-11 year olds sleep behavior also indicated that an hour less and change in sleep patterns did affect the adversely with respect to their alertness levels as well as their emotional regulation. While, with an hour of more sleep for five days, the results were positive.

Hence, managing proper sleep routines and maintaining those with children is always advisable and it’s the parents who need to take keen interest and set the routines for the children and work towards maintaining them as well.

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