How to Deal Positively with your teenagers Tantrums

One of the most common issues with teenagers, that most of the parents face are their tantrums around cell phone usage on a continuous basis. Dealing with your teenager who is on the cellphone most of the times even at night is certainly a pain in the neck. The larger problem is dealing with the anger issues of teenagers, who tend to get angry on almost everything or every say of their parents.

So, how is that you sail through these years of your child with ease?

Here are a few tips to help you out of this situation possibly.

Furious mother arguing with her ​​teenage daughter

Be a good role model – If you get angry at everything your child does or deal with their tantrums by whacking them, then, your child is certainly going to emulate you. So, be wise and learn to control yourself in front of your kid. Remember, they are watching you. They might grow up to follow the same kind of behavioral pattern.

Limit your Expectations – When your kid is not behaving well and you are working on changing the same, don’t expect the kid to change overnight. Look for progress not immediate result. Expecting immediate results is unrealistic.

Feelings Management for your Kids – Talk to your kid and make him/ her understand that getting angry is okay and that the only point to be understood is how to deal with it. It’s not that because you are angry you hit someone or throw things around or hurt yourself. It’s about self-regulation and how to handle this situation in a better and respectful manner.

Be clear on Behavior – When you speak to your kid about acceptable behavior be very clear on what you expect and what sort of behavior is not acceptable at all. So, they understand where the line is drawn and avoid crossing it.

Emphasize on Respectful Behavior – You need to keep reminding your kid that respectful behavior is non-negotiable and that they need to keep that in mind all the time.

Talk about it– Communication is the key to any good relationship and hence it’s always advisable that you talk with your kid but choose the time to talk taking into consideration the situation. If the kid is angry or in no mood to listen, you listen to your kid and choose a time after the kid calms down and is ready to listen to you. That will make things easier.

Well, teenage is an age when kids try to go off the track a bit and try to explore unexplored territories. They are young blood after all and this is the age they feel big enough to take decisions on their own.

But, dealing with your kids by getting down on the same page as theirs without letting power struggles come in the way is not as difficult as you think. Be positive, stay calm and you’ll sail safely enough through the breezy ride of your kids teenage.

Happy Parenting!

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