Reading is the Key to your Child’s Success at School

Every parent wants their child to do well in studies at school. Parents are keen on working with kids for completing their homework and projects within the stipulated deadlines. But, many times even parents get caught up in the race to complete homework,  projects and get good marks.

Should homework and projects and studying for clearing exams in flying colors be the only objective of parents, or the concentration needs to be more on something that the child can live with, on something that can help your child throughout the lifetime? So, what is it that your child needs to succeed in life?

Reading is the Key to your Child's Success at School

The answer to this question lies somewhere in the quote of Einstein. “If you want your children to become intelligent, read fairy tales to them. If you want your children to be more intelligent, read more fairy tales to them.”

Well, it means that reading is one activity which can help transform your child into a successful adult. You need to keep in mind that the first five to six years of life are the most important ones.

Developing an early reading habit in your child can help them in many ways not just academically but socially, neurologically, psychologically and even with linguistics. If you as a parent work with your child and read to them in their early years with expressions, it works wonders. If the child learns to read at an early age, the brain functioning and development is immense. There have been umpteen studies that have proved the importance of learning in brain development. Little ones who are put into reading early on can easily recognize words at sight faster compared to others. Here’s how reading is going to help your child.

Academics – At grass root level when you instill something in your child, it most probably stays forever as it becomes a way of life. Also during these early years, the learning is very fast and it affects academic performance later on.

Social – Reading helps your child become confident and boost up self- esteem because they will be the ones amongst the lot who will be one up against the peers because of their understanding of reading. They could end up receiving awards and recognition as well.

Psychological – A joyful reading experience at home will help a child to become independent and instill a decision-making ability as well as spark imagination and creativity. A child who reads a lot also is able to channelize energy into the right direction, thus increasing self- productivity.

Neurological – A newborn has around 200 billion neurons or active brain cells as they are called. If the child’s brain receives the right stimulation then every brain cell can sprout into 20,000 branches that are interconnected. Hence, if parents are reading, singing or talking to the child regularly, it is obviously going to play a critical role in the development of the brain cells and thus the intellectual capabilities.

Linguistic – The children who start reading early on are obviously good with their vocabulary, oral communication, spellings as well as writing capabilities. They also tend to get better and better with their scholastics. The reading skills also enhance oral communication abilities besides writing.

Well, so a better idea is to ease the pressure of doing homework from your kindergarteners or 1st graders and concentrate more on reading to them as much as possible.

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