Add Millets To Your Kids Diet – The Ancient Wonder Grain

Millet, food that is not usually a regular part of our diet needs apparently is one of the wonder foods in the food ecosystem. It plays a significant role in the development and growth of a child. It is loaded with proteins, calcium, iron, phosphorous beside being a rich source of fibre.

Known as Jowar or Shorgum in India, millets are high in anti-oxidents and unsaturated fats besides the aforementioned nutrients. While Raagi or finger millet is a rich in iron and calicium, Kora or foxtail millet is known to have the highest mineral content amongst all millet kinds.

Add Millets To Your Kids Diet

Pearl millet or bajra is a rich source of protein and is also known to be six times more nutritious when compared to wheat. Barnyard millet or sanwa is known to have the highest iron and fibre content amongst all millets.

The health benefits that these variety of millets bring in include –

  1. High fibre content helps in digestion

  2. High calcium helps keeps bones healthy and prevent anemia

  3. Helps in childs muscle development

  4. Helps in prevention of anemia as well as constipation

Also known as the ancient grain, it is a definite yes in your childs diet chart because it is gluten free. Apparently, its good for adults as well and particularly people who are looking to drop weight because one cup full of millet consists of only over 200 calories including dietary fibre, over 6 gm protein and less than 2 gms of fat. The essential vitamins like pathothenic acid, Vitamin B6, C , E and K as well as folate, niacin and riboflavin are already present in millets.

Being high in fibre millet always help in lowering the bad cholesterol of the body and boosts the good cholesterol of the body. Apparently every 100 gm millet serving has 9 gm of fibre.

Perhaps, you need to add millet varieties to your child’s food chart without a doubt now.

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