Workshop on “Waste Management”

Vydehi School of Excellence had organized a workshop on the topic “WASTE MANAGEMENT” on 22nd Feb 2017. The workshop included students of Gr.7 & 8 and teachers. The awareness workshop was conducted by Dr.Renuka Vishwanathan, retired IAS officer and three more members of I am-A-Citizen, an NGO conducting Solid Waste Management Awareness campaign. They are well known as ” Naanu Nagarikas”.

The main objective of the workshop was to educate students and provide them with holistic understanding of Solid Waste Management (SWM) issues, ill effects of bad/wrong practices of SWM, best practices of SWM and importance of proper sanitation.

The workshop made us well informed about the past of the city we live in. They had explained us the situation in Mandur district, which was  overfilled with garbage and made it impossible for the residents.

We learnt the 5R principle- refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. Try to reduce the use of all non biodegradable substances. Try to reuse the reusable substances. Try to recycle things such as plastic. We came across various handmade materials reusing things such as tetrapacks, used jeans etc.

Through this workshop we have come to know many ways of how various materials are segregated, processed or recycled.  We also liked the idea of using citrus peel bio enzymes which is used as a house cleaner instead of all the chemical things like Lysol, harpic etc. We can contribute our part as an Indian citizen and as a human to save our environment.

The main point that has been conveyed through this workshop was to reduce the waste produced so that we won’t have to segregate it. Zero waste is a powerful program and we hope in the near future India can stand tall as a zero waste country.

The workshop was interesting, interactive, engrossing and an eye opener for us. We will surely use these easy steps to manage waste and save our future !!!


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