Workshop on Reap Benefit – Session 5

Principles of design to build

The new session began with enthusiasm and information was provided by team by asking questions on the design of the models students were working on in the previous work shop.
They are encouraged to reanalyze their models and most importantly are they happy and satisfied with their models, is it functional and useful as they were expecting it to be etc.

Collecting there answers students are introduced to the four basic fundamentals of a good design they are





They worked with some physical tools under the supervision of mentor Ms Camilla and other in charge teacher. Students worked on their models and did rethinking and collected supporting information from web and re-designed their models to add the component of durability, attractive look with more user friendly designing.

Team Name Problem Statement Solutions
The Builders Wastage of water in push taps Low cost aerators
Electrical Indigo Sanitation & Cleaning of floors Sanitary dustbins
Water saving Mop
Team 85 Waste Composting in school
The Mechanics Electricity Automatic sensors
Spice Squad Air Quality Eco DIY Air Filter
The Creators Waste Waste Segregation Bins

Well another exciting learning session ended with learning by doing for designing Solution models using the four fundamental principles of designing a solution.


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