Workshop on Design & Architecture by DQ LABS

An interactive Seminar & Workshop was conducted by DQ Labs on 12th August, 2017, Saturday in Vydehi School of Excellence for students of Grade 9, 10 & 11. Mr. Umesh Kumar & Mr.Shaun headed the Workshop and made the students put on their thinking cap and took their learning experience in Design and Architecture to the next level.

The session started with a seminar to give an insight to the students on the career opportunities in the field of design and architecture in the current IT scenario and explained the difference between a Designer, Design Engineer, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Communication Design.

This was followed by a Creative Search Aptitude Test wherein students had to use their creative drawing and thinking skills and make designs out of different patterns on paper.

Finally, the students were placed into 10 groups and had to Design a Model Bridge out of 10 sheets of paper and a cellotape. The presenters were very impressed and appreciated the skills portrayed by the students in designing their Model Bridge with limited access to resources.

Team 8 won the 1st prize:
Group Members were Ansh, Gayatree, Shivam, Bhavaneesh, Abhyajit, Abhiram, Siddhanth.

Team 5 won the 2nd prize:
Aditi, Avelyn, Vagvani, Snigdha, Nidhi.

Team 1 won the 3rd prize:
Avi, Chirag, Harshit, Shashank, Tushar, Vaishali,Yedu.

VSEWorkshop on Design & Architecture by DQ LABS8

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