Workshop on communication skill for Grade 5

A workshop on ‘Building English Language skills and its importance” was conducted for the students of Grade 5 on 17th October,2020. The chief speaker for the workshop was Mr. Srihari Kakumani of Oxford University Press.

The session focused mainly on the key factors for effective communication: the 3 V’s – Visual, Vocal, and Verbal. The facts were explained to the students in a child friendly manner packed up with numerous interesting activities. Children were having a fun time by listening to stories and communicating through illustrations. And at the same time, they became aware of the various mediums of communication through these activities.

The kids were also given an opportunity to communicate with each other during the story telling sessions. It was really enthralling to watch the kids unfurl their imagination and make up fascinating stories.

Apart from this, kids were made acquainted of proper communication etiquette. At the end of the session, the kids were given a questionnaire and was told to assess themselves on how good their communication skills are. In all, the session was very informative, interactive and entertaining.


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