Visit to Cottolengo

Diwali – the festival of lights marks a beginning in one’s life. VSE students of class 8 celebrated Diwali on 27th October, 2016 and shared joy with the children at Cottolengo-an orphanage for children with special needs from the weaker sections of the society.

The principal of the institution Ms. Sheela was delighted to see the participation of enthusiastic students who motivated the young children to join them in various activities that were conducted. The children actively participated actively in the games organised by the students of Vydehi School of Excellence and thoroughly enjoyed the event. They were also given gifts and cards as a token of appreciation and remembrance. This demonstrates the quality of empathy which enabled the students to understand the needs and feelings of others from their perspective. The students also learnt that true happiness comes from the joy of giving and sharing and to accept one and all unconditionally without any preconceived notions.


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