Virtual trip for Grade 4

Just a spoon full of Sugar and life gets sweetened. True enough, Sweetness is the most important ingredient for all the happiness in our lives. A Virtual Study Trip- All about Sugar was organized for the students of Grade 4 on 14th May, 2020. They went through the journey to the land of Sugar from the fields to our tables-The Sugar Factory.

Students with the help of their parents learnt, that Sugar is one of life’s greatest indulgences which is been consumed throughout the centuries in various forms such as fruit and honey. However, within this modern age, sugar is readily available and widely consumed.

They learnt all about the crop production, methods of harvesting from fields and then further moving to the processing units.The students finally comprehended their understanding by answering a questionnaire. The children were bewildered with the trip and they enjoyed the exploration, learning and discovery.

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