Virtual tour for Grade 2

A Parent Child Virtual Study Trip – “ALL ABOUT OLIVES” was conducted for the students of Grade 2 on 12th May, 2020. Students went to the world capital of olives to see what it takes to make great extra virgin olive oil. From harvesting to milling, they uncovered the story of the olives and how its juice shaped for the wellbeing.

Students learnt all about its nutrition value, healthful qualities as well as its use as an indispensable fuel for lamps, medicine, cosmetics and perfumes.

They also enhanced their learning about the various methods of harvesting i.e. Handpicking, with hand held shakers, motorized rakes and by a shaker vehicle which shakes the fruit into the net lay down on the ground.

The process of extraction to get different grades of olive oil added to their knowledge and they relished the information gained through this study trip.


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