TECH FEST – 2018 Winners list

TECH FEST – 2018 started with a spectacular demonstration of a variety of technical events like Digital Story, Max Scratch, Pro-Typing, Weave the Web, Cin and Cout under Technological Extravaganza for Grades 6 to 12.

The event was held from 24th – 29th November with an objective to provide platform for the students to showcase their talent with a Competitive spirit. It gave an opportunity for the students to learn, compete and gain exposure with a tinge of enjoyment.

The Winners of the Competitions are:

*Digital Story held on 23rd October for Grade VII
First Place – T G Rakthesh (7B)
Second Place – Ashwina V(7C)
Third Place – Abhinavan O S(7A)

*Pro-Typing held on 24th October for Grade VI
First Place – Nandan Goyal (6A)
Second Place – Yashwini Anandan (6C)
Third Place – Akriti L Narayanan 6(B)

*Max Scratch held on 25th October for Grade VIII
First Place – Vishvesh Gupta(8B)
Second Place – Pranav Mani(8B)
Third Place – Rupak (8A)

*Weave the Web held on 26th October for Grade IX and X
First Place – Harshit Singh(10 A)
Second Place – Arya(9B)
Third Place – Chaitra P(10 A)

*Weave the Web held on 29th October for Grade XI and XII
First Place – Athul Vincent (12 A)
Second Place – Vivian Philips(11 A)
Third Place – Abrajithan S(12 A)

Congratulations to the winners.


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