Love for table tennis comes only while playing it rather than watching it.

– Fu Jung

Scientific evidence and medical experts around the world acknowledge that recreational table tennis increases concentration and alertness, stimulates brain function, helps with the development of tactical thinking skills, hand/eye coordination, provides aerobic exercise and social and recreational interaction. Whether you play in the community centre or at home with friends, table tennis offers a great way to bond with other people while you lose weight. Because young and old people can play the game, it can help improve communication and build relationships, irrespective of age. Playing at home with siblings or parents can bring family members closer and enable them to spend more quality time with each other.

VYDEHI SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE is pleased to announce that RAJVEER KELKAR FROM 7TH GRADE AND DEEPIKA P FROM 9TH GRADE have made us proud by achieving UNDER 14BOY’S AND GIRL’S RUNNER UP place respectively in TABLE TENNIS tournament conducted in Gear International School.

Congratulations to the winners! Keep on working hard.

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