Special Assembly on “Water – the driving force of all nature”

A special assembly on “Water – the driving force of all nature” was conducted by classes 1I, 1J & 2G. The assembly commenced with the prayer, News and thought of the day by grade 1 students.

Since ancient time we believe that the universe is made with the composition of five elements (The entries cosmic creation begins from the point of the Panchabutas): Water, air, fire, space and Earth. Water is the most important necessity of life for all the living being on the Earth. Understanding the importance of water and to show how the water came into existence, our 2G students performed the dance of five elements. Then followed by the breathtaking performance of the origin of water by the energetic students of class 1I and 1J. The skit was down streamed with the lyrical contemporary dance by Grade 1 students.

Next, rap about saving water was recited by the little tots with great zeal. Significance of water was well explained through the talk show and a documentary by our confident speakers.

The entire assembly was a delight to the audience eyes as the performers put across the show with great ease and perfection.

Water is known as the elixir of life. As Vydehians, we have imbibed and spread awareness among people about the less use and saving of clean water, to maintain the continuity of life on the Earth. The children mentioned their gratitude to the teachers for their continuous support, effort and dedication.

Overall it was an enriching, awe-inspiring show which was highly appreciated by one and all.


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