SA – Don’t worry be Happy

A truly enigmatic and spiritual special assembly marked the end of the 2017-18 session for the middle school. “Don’t worry be Happy” how simple but so impactful. Guests were invited with cards and travel brochures to begin the journey on a happy note. The assembly began with the chanting of the sanskrit shloka and beautiful hymn dedicated to the ever powerful ma sharada. This followed with a medley of dance performances dedicated to india and its rich heritage. The pyramid formation by the girls at the end of the dance gathered huge applause from the parents. The skit was humorous, but at the end it was a huge lesson learnt. It depicted child labour and how all of us as Indians should take strong steps to curb it. Audience thoroughly enjoyed and laughed and clapped throughout the play. Children presented power point slides on happiest countries in the world. Enacted with props describing their favourite hobbies. Smart suave news reporters updated us with the daily news. The whole auditorium filled with peace and calm as the children sang ” make me a channel of your peace” with candles in their hands. The assembly came to an end with yet another sense capturing dance performance dedicated to sun and how it’s because of its energy that we are all here today – happily living our lives- helping every living form.


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