Fitness quiz for Grade 8

To carry forward and spread awareness about the “FIT INDIA MOVEMENT” started by the Honourable Prime Minister of India, VYDEHI SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE celebrated the 1st week of December as the “Fit India School Week”. Our school organised different types of workshops for students to make them aware of the true sense of Fitness and Health. The team of VYDEHI SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE took an initiative to check the students’ knowledge by organizing an “Online Quiz on Fitness” for Grade 8 on 3rd & 4th of December. The students made it a huge success by participating enthusiastically and showcasing their knowledge.

The winners are:

Grade 8A

1st: Sriram Darla

2nd: Neemesha Sharma

3rd: Diviya Gupta

Grade 8B

1st: Satwik Gupta

2nd: Janani Sriram

3rd: Archita Yadav

Grade 8C

1st: Vaishnavi Nakula

2nd: Guru Kaviin

3rd: P Gaurav Reddy

Grade 8D

1st: Kshiti Keshav Prabhu

2nd: Niyamika Balaji

3rd: Dhishaa Hemanth Rao

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