Fire drill

Fire drills are an essential part of the system. We need to be aware of what to do in case a fire breaks out, the process of evacuation and how to put out the fire. In a school building with children it is of utmost importance to conduct fire drills on a regular interval to avoid any mishaps. Vydehi School of Excellence conducted a fire drill on 6th January 2020, Monday to make the students of classes 5-7 and staff aware of the process of evacuation and the things to do be done in case a fire breaks out. Mr. Anup spearheaded the drill and told in detail about how fire that can break out and the ways of putting it out by pouring water, starving the fire, smothering it and also using a fire extinguisher. As part of the drill the students were demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher and volunteers from among the students used an extinguisher.


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