Field Trip to Chocolate Factory

On our journey to experiential learning……visit to CHOCOLATE FACTORY
Students of grade 1A and 1D went out of campus to learn more about CHOCOLATES. They visited Garuda poly flex foods which have made its own name in the list of top suppliers and verified sellers offering supreme quality crunchy crackers, wafer sticks, wafer pillow, delicious drinks …. In India . Students witnessed the entire process of making of chocolates when they toured the factory. A short video about the production and processing techniques was also shown. Children learned about the process of preparing wafer sticks – the ingredients used in preparing wafer sticks, time taken in process of preparing mixture and temperature required for the boilers to prepare the choco paste, transforming paste to hard wafer and then filling the choco mixture inside wafer and finally packing of the wafer sticks.
It was a rejuvenating one day fun filled educational trip for kids.


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