A day at Whitefield Railway Station

Students of Grade 3C and 3F visited Whitefield Railway Station to deepen the learning about their exhibition topic – ” TRAMS – A SLICE OF INGENUITY”.

The students were detailed about the different work stations like reservation counter, station master room, control room, parcel office, platforms etc .

They learnt about the differences between the tracks of the two, the need of gravel along the railway tracks unlike the trams and how the gravel protects the rails in time of heavy rains. Children were detailed about the signals, signalling system and were enlightened about the safety measures. They were taken to an engine and a train halting on the rails and enjoyed watching the engine. They were explained different classes of the bogies like sleeper, first class, second class and AC compartments.

Children were thrilled watching the trains as they passed with echoing horns and making a great noise along the rails. We highlighted about trams ,a heritage of Kolkata and one of the dying industries of current economy that need our support to endure the wrath of time. The students evinced great interest in learning about trains- a great means of transportation and public utility for a common man.

Whitefield Railway Station-4

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