Bon Appetit – Sharing Healthy Food

“Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends.”
Healthy students are better learners. Schools can be an ideal setting to teach students to practice healthy eating habits. Meals are a time for them to get to know the peers as well as the teachers. Involving children in planning their own lunchboxes gives them the opportunity to learn and make healthy choices about food.
Keeping this in view, We came up with a fantabulous idea of BON APPÉTIT for the middle school students (Grades 5 to 7) on 06-07-19. The students were given an opportunity to plan their breakfast and lunch. Food is a connection, when shared with others. The students happily sat together, shared and ate healthy home cooked food like idly, sandwiches, vegetable pulao, parathas etc. They enjoyed it to the fullest and had a very good experience.


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