A Day at the Orphanage

At Vydehi, we believe in highlighting all aspects of a child’s personality and give them a range of choices, one of them being – the opportunity to experience the reality of life. Every year our Social Service visits are planned to sensitize the children towards the lesser fortunates in society. Thus the school organized a visit to Zion Foundation for Grade 1 K & 1L.

Zion foundation is an orphanage providing best amenities’ towards the comfortless and safety. Their mission in life is to provide a safe and a well- knit home for orphans and abandoned female children.

Our children didn’t hesitate to appreciate their friendliness. Many children were seen interacting animatedly while the others played football, which resulted in some ‘real bonding’ between the children. Students distributed books, snacks, toys and clothes. It was a real eye opener as to how something as small as a coloring book or ball can make these children so happy.


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