Your Ultimate Guide To Effective Parenting

Parenting is a responsibility that needs to be handled responsibly. Dealing with children is more like pottery. The technique of your hand decides the shape of the pot you are making. Hence, to get the best results, the technique you use to create the pot needs to be in place primarily. Obviously, it is a herculean task and requires enormous amount of energy, your valuable time and loads of patience. Parenting is more like an investment and is worth more than millions of bucks because if today you invest in your child, tomorrow you are sure to reap a golden harvest. Your child tomorrow is definitely going to be a person who can handle herself/himself during any sort of tough times, full of patience, in short ready to take on the world in his/ her stride. But, it is a matter of years before you get to see these amazing results.

Effective Parenting

Here are a few tips to help you realize your parenting goals -

KNOW YOUR CHILD – Try to observe your child on a regular basis. This will help you know your child better and devise a parenting style or technique that suits your child type. You cannot have a one size fits all type of parenting style. The parenting style for an aggressive kid and a shy kid is totally different.

SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR CHILD – This is by far the most important part of parenting. Spending quality time with your child helps you develop a strong bonding with the child and makes your child feel safe, secure and connected to the parent. Be it family time, play time, meal time, vacations, weekends, etc. set aside time particularly for your child. It could be both the parents spending time with the child or turn by turn as well.

LOVE YOUR CHILD UNCONDITIONALLY – Every child is unique and has his/her own individual qualities and persona. Make your child feel loved by you irrespective of their performance. And let them know this and feel this, that you love them no matter what. This will certainly help in emotional development of the child.

DON’T PRESSURIZE YOUR CHILDREN – Let your children indulge in activities, sports they enjoy and not what you enjoy. Don’t pressurize them with studies and bug them with questions every day pertaining to studies, tests and exam outcomes. Also, there have been many instances where parents have not been able to fulfill their own dreams. This attrition is carried forward and parents put the burden of their own unfulfilled aspirations on their kids, in a bid to conform their own dreams, through their children. This is not done. Your children are individuals who are unique and have their own individual qualities, aspirations and dreams. Don’t burden them with yours. Let them be.

MANAGE THE IDIOT BOX – Continuous exposure to television affects the mental and creative development of your child. It does not mean you deprive them of television, but set a definite time limit for television. Also, focus on reading them story books and making them read as well as they grow. Try to inculcate their interest in reading, sports, socializing and other activities that nurture their imaginative, cognitive and creative skills. Apparently, Television time in a day should not be more than an hour for toddlers.

ENCOURAGE & MOTIVATE – Encouraging your child, rewarding him/ her goes a long way in instilling self confidence in them. So, from time to time, praise them, reward them with toys, make them feel good with a pat on the back, a kiss or a lovable touch.

DISCIPLINE & BEHAVIOR COMMUNICATION – It is very important for you to have clarity about desirable and undesirable behavior. This is also to be communicated clearly to the child. The child should know about repercussions of undesirable behavior. Set limits because discipline is equally important as warmth. This will help your children deal with matters of self control, impatience, frustration and more.

Undoubtedly, Parenting is a super responsibility and a huge investment. Put your best foot forward, give it your heart and see your children blossom their way into a bright and shining future. Happy Parenting.

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