What Kind of a Parent are You?

A child is like clay, you mould it the way you move your hands, so you are the artist and if you want to churn out a masterpiece out of him or her, you need to be good in first place. Every parent has their own way of parenting which might differ in one ways than more from any other parent. But, do you know what kind of a parent are you. Read more to find out if you your style of parenting is on the list and whether its working wonders or probably hampering your child’s growth.

What Kind of a Parent are You

Do you keep Comparing? – You might have come across this kinds many a times. Such style of parenting is all about comparing your child with other children around and telling your child to be like them. Apparently, it does the exact opposite. It instills feelings of self-pity, self-esteem and worthlessness. Not empathizing with the child can easily aid in deforming the personality of the child.

Are you a passive parent? – Yes, saying yes to every requirement need and want of the child and not participating with the child in their activities can make the child an over confident person when he or she grows up. Such children cannot accept criticism or mistakes positively.

Do you beat your child? – Giving your child a whack here and there is fine but being abusive is what can transform your child into an adult bearing an extreme personality. You might not be aware of a few facts on mental health but being abusive could damage the cognitive development of the child

Are you uninvolved parent? – As an uninvolved parent you won’t be knowing much about your child, be it about what he or she did at school, about homework of the child and are least bothered about whom your child is spending time or hanging out. When you do this, your child will adapt and raise himself or herself. Such children do suffer with self-esteem issues. They might end up performing poorly at school and experience behavioral problems, sadness often.

Are you an authoritative Parent? – If you are an authoritative parent, it’s kind of my way or highway take on your children. You will want your children to do only what you want them too and nothing else and breaking their rules means facing punishment. Children controlled by authoritative can grow up to become aggressive and turn hostile. But, if authoritative parents modify their style into using positive discipline strategies like praises and rewards for good behavior then children of such parents grow up to be happy and successful kids. They become responsible and are comfortable expressing their opinions.

So, if you kind of feel that you are one of the above try to mend your ways to positive yet disciplined parenting and help your kids grow up as happy and responsible adults.


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