Vydehi school of Excellence organized a ‘Parents Observation Day’ on 21-08-2013

Every parent enjoys seeing their child learning with a lot of curiosity and interest to explore new worlds of knowledge.  There cannot be a more satisfying thing in the world for a parent other than his/her child thinking intelligently and answering questions asked by teachers. Taking this wish of parents into consideration, Vydehi School of Excellence organized a ‘Parent Observation Day’ in school where parents can get a glimpse of how their child is participating in various classroom activities, both curricular and extracurricular activities. The concept of Parent Observation Day comes from the feedbacks we received from the parents when they visited Vydehi School of Excellence as part of Parent’s Day Celebration.  On this day, parents are requested to participate in class activities passively by witnessing their children performing in class. This gave them a glimpse of modern teaching methods and technology that is incorporated in daily teaching at Vydehi. Parents were delighted by the contagious enthusiasm of the children, which brought out the best in the teachers as well. The motto behind this entire exercise was to influence the parents to increase their involvement in parent-teacher partnership, which is crucial for the overall development of the child. We received very positive feedback for the program as some termed it as ‘a great initiative and enjoyable experience’ and ‘a nostalgic feeling, reminded of our school days.’

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